The best ice cream in Cheshire

If you’re not from or live in Cheshire you probably haven’t heard if this ice cream farm but I recommend no matter what ice cream you have ever had, you should try this ice cream and you will never be disappointed. 

Snugburys has been around since the 80’s and has been ever-growing since then, based on a farm it is much more than ice cream. You can eat ice cream, take a lovely countryside walk and take in the Cheshire views, see the farm animals they have in the fields, oh and don’t forget the sculptures they have up every year (but more on that later).

Ice cream 

You may think that ice cream is just ice cream but it isn’t, this place has flavours you would never think of, rum and raisin? Turkey Delight? The list goes on and on, but don’t worry you can get a traditional vanilla too ( but who doesn’t want clotted cream?), personally my favourite is honeycomb!!

Cant choose a flavour you can mix and match too to have the best combinations you can think of! Once you have finally chose your flavour/s you can then choose the cone, yes more than one choice to choose from, or if you like you can have a tub (because some people don’t like cones!).

I think this is one of the best thing about Snugburys, if you’re a diabetic you don’t always get to have the things that you would love to have, but here you are offered a selection of ice creams that you are able to have. For me this is awesome and a great idea to be able to serve for the whole family, they have low sugar ice cream too if you are just looking to cut down on sugar.


This is ultimately my favourite part of the experience, Since the early 2000’s they have put various hay (and also one metal) sculptures up for everyone to enjoy (even if you can’t stop at the farm you can see it from Chester road A61). These sculptures normally link to what is happening that year, my favourite was the fully working Dalick! Yes they had a Dalick made out of hay that actually moved and said exterminate! What could be better?

So this isn’t just ice cream, it can be a day out for the whole family to enjoy the sunshine (when Britain gets it), eat ice cream, see amazing sculptures and enjoy the Cheshire outdoors.

For more info check out there website! Snugburys




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