How disney is linked to Route 66

I love Disney! And I love America so when we went on our honeymoon it was of course a massive plus when our route happened to contain a lot more Disney than I thought.

Route 66 is an old road that took your from Chicago to LA, basically from one side of America to another, so when we couldn’t decide what part of America we wanted to see this seemed like the best option. It was the best time and the places we got to see are the best we have seen to date, the Mustang we got to drive too also helped in the experience!

But how can an old road link to Disney? Well its simple the film cars is heavily based on that route so when they made the movie they decided to put elements of the route into the film, so subtle you may not even notice, but this will give you the perfect list of what you can see if you are a Disney fan.


The Cozy Cone Motel’s

Everyone knows what these motels look like right? The motels are basically big orange cones and are based on a wigwam hotel in Holbrook. Just a small but very cool addition for them too add to the movie.

The Cozy dog drive inn, Illinois is claim to the very first corn dog, I have personally sat in this restaurant and was of course amazing! It is also the inspiration for the name of the motel, see the resemblance? 


Ramone’s House of Body Art

Another building in the movie and again another place I was lucky enough to visit. It still has the exact same luck as it used to and the movie has pictured it perfectly that its unique shape in unmistakable when driving this road.

It is called the U-drop inn and is in Shamrock, take a break and stop here for a drink and take a look at the souvenirs  that are inside.


Midpoint Cafe

This is one of my favourite stops on the route and has so much character around it you could never not stop. The cafe does indeed give it away that this is the mid stop of point of the journey, it is exactly in the middle of Chicago and LA. With it being such a large aspect of the Route it make sense to include it in the movie. Flo’s cafe is what this is based on and you can tell! We even got to have a soda and a thick crust pie from here on our visit!

But it’s not just the building that they used for inspiration, they also used a lovely women called Fran Houser as inspiration for Flo. We did meet this women in person and it was the strangest thing, you could really see how Disney took her personality and put it into one of the movies favourite characters.


Kan-O-Tex Service Station, Galena

This I think was my favourite cross over, it isn’t the station itself that they used for the movie but rather the truck that was found. This is possibly the true story that Pixar and Disney really know what they are doing and have true passion in creating the most beautiful yet teaching telling stories of all. One of the workers of Pixar came across this truck and thought it showed the true character of Mater, it was lost for a while until the gas station was bought and the truck found. They then realised it was the very same truck and now sits on display at this station. It looks just like Mater, the only difference is this one is called Tater. You can take a picture of it and even take a seat, for a Disney/Pixar girl this was really a true treat that I was overwhelmed with excitement (I know people may think I am sad).


And that is it! This was my route and how I manage to find Disney no matter where I go! Now don’t be missing any of them when you got on any of these routes and if you find any others comment below so everyone else can enjoy them too!




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