Why having just one niche wasn’t an option for me

When starting my blog I had one niche, travelling. Since then we have returned to the UK, relocated to the North East and I have discovered I want to show my experiences and talents to the world. 

That previous sentence may sound over-confident but it is far from that, I have always spent life under estimating what I can do or just presuming that I shouldn’t do it because someone else can do it better. Now this maybe true but why should I let that stop me? And it shouldn’t stop anybody else either who maybe unsure about going out into the big wide world and doing it on your own.

But enough about me…

Today I want to go over what exactly a niche is and why I will have more than one when setting up my business. Now this will go against what many other people say, the norm is to be told pick one niche and stick to it. I get this, focusing on more than one topic takes a lot of work and you will encounter a lot more people with different interests. This can make it complicated and more stressful, which in turn can make it harder to succeed.

The only problem with that is then choosing what you want to do? for some this will be easy, they love to travel so they become a travel blogger, they love to cook so become a cooking blogger and well you get the idea. For me though my imagination is always in over drive it doesn’t stop. This means I have a lot of ideas that I am passionate about, so how exactly can I make this work? Well I would say write a list of what you want to do (I love lists!)

Heres mine, 

  • Art
  • Travel
  • Home lifestyle
  • Dogs
  • Fashion

These I admit don’t have a direct correlation so at first I felt like I needed to choose one and stick to it. The only problem is that’s not me! I love being busy and diverse, I love doing different things and its the only part of my personality that isn’t organised and thats the exciting part!

So I spent time thinking about this and how I would do it, then an idea flew out of nowhere (normally these are the best ideas!) and it made sense! I worked out that I have more the one niche, yeah, but they are my personality. Not sure what I’m getting at? My niche is ME!

Again its sounded over-confident I do apologise, but why not? All my niche’s is what makes me…well me so without them I wouldn’t work. That for me is enough of an excuse to break the usual rule and go with them all!

Now this is very new for me so things may change but for now my plan is in place and I don’t like to fail so there will be a lot of hard months ahead and a lot of time on the computer but if you don’t try you will never succeed.


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