A day in Nantwich

Nantwich is a place that I was lucky enough to live in for a few years and it really is a beautiful place to not only live but visit if and when you are in the area on Cheshire

Nantwich church

The oldest building, St Mary’s church is situated in the centre of the town and is one of the beautiful buildings that you will come across. If you are lucky enough you will be able to see a traditional church wedding and the church bells ringing which gives the square an amazing old town atmosphere.

The buildings 

There are many old style buildings around Nantwich many of them being Old Georgian houses so just taking a walk around this town is a true treat.

Canal Walks

Walking just a little outside of Nantwich you will hit the Shropshire union canal. This is a wonderful walk for you to walk and it gives you some wonderful views and you can see come impressive barges too if your lucky.

Nantwich Lake 

I love this lake and is the place we always come to walk the dogs. It isn’t the biggest of lakes and you can see all the way round no matter where you are stood but it is a beautiful place to just sit and look out at all the swans that reside here. This also gives you various walks you can go on whether it be out in the country or back into the town centre.


Aswell as being a historic place to visit it has some great events through the year to see, every year they still carry out a reenactment of the English civil war. If you love history then this is great to see.

Food Festival 

One of my favourite times of year is the Nantwich food festival, the whole town gets involved and no matter where you go there will be food. Normally in the summer (so in theory good weather) tents will be put up and all pubs, cafes and even retail shops will have events on to make this as big as it can be. You will be able to walk around get all local produce all in one place, eat anything you can think of, oh and get a lot of freebies of course! Get more information here

Jazz festival

Similar to the food festival the whole town gets involved and is always on the weekend of easter. Though it is heavily based on Jazz (hence the name), it is much more than that and just gives everyone the excuse to go out meet with old friends and have a good old-time. It is a great atmosphere, everyone is happy, the sun is usually shining (again if we are lucky) and music is constantly playing in the background. Don’t be surprised if you see people in the street, it is super relaxed and all the bars and pubs seem to blare into one place. More information here

Outside of Nantwich


Snugburys is an Ice cream farm just outside of Nantwich so if you visit on a sunny day then you must visit, I can guarantee that most people will be here too! Check out my blog just on this wonderful place, Check it out here!


Chester is a little outside of Nantwich but is a wonderful place in Cheshire to visit and carries a lot of history. If you enjoy Nantwich then this is a bigger version to see.



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