Getting a second dog and should you do it?

Already got a dog but want to share the love and get another? Well there is a lot to think about before making this decision.

So knowing you would have read my previous post on whether to get a puppy and you have decided that you want another one, if it works then its now important to think about other dogs in the house.

Is your dog friendly with other dogs?

This is the most important aspect to think about, when you are out walking your dog/s or maybe your friends have been visiting with their dogs, how did your dog react? If your dog loves other dogs and wants to do nothing but play, or even happy to just sleep when they are around then this is a good sign but its important that they are friendly and not aggressive around other dogs.

Though this doesn’t mean they will be great with puppies, so only you know your dog and get the feel of what your dog will be like with a puppy in the house. Its worth thinking about, but even if they don’t like puppies but love other dogs then all is not lost, there are so many rescue dogs out there so you don’t have to limit yourself to getting a puppy, getting a rescue can be just as rewarding. But I stress you really need to think about this before getting another dog in the household, you don’t want any aggressive or stressful behaviour in the household.

What sex should you get?

This is something people worry about all the time, people say that you shouldn’t get two dogs of the same sex in the household. This is because if you have two dogs rather than a dog and a bitch then they could, when the puppy gets older, battle to decide who is alpha. When hormones start coming in then this is a possibility but this doesn’t mean you can’t get two dogs, both of ours are dogs and apart from the slight bickering of two brothers we have no problems (touch wood!).

The same goes to if you decide to get a dog and bitch, if you don’t neuter either of them you will then run the risk of ending up with a lot more puppies in the future. If you want to breed then again more research would be needed but if not then you would need to look at getting one or both neutered.

Can you handle two dogs?

Gone through all that and your still happy to get another dog? The last thought is can you handle two dogs? This depends on the breed and size of the dog of course but if you buy two large breeds, you need to know that when out and about you will be confident to have both of them or have the facilities to get someone else to walk them with you.

One dog is a lot of work but with two this makes it a little bit harder but it can also be twice as rewarding so if you have thought of every scenario and still excited to have a puppy/dog then go for it and enjoy every moment.


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