Should I get a puppy?

This is the question that everyone asks, I won’t deny that we asked this question before getting a puppy and even though we already had a dog it wasn’t an easy answer, but here are some points we came up with when making our decisions and hopefully it can help you with making the right decisions for your family.

Getting a puppy is a big decision and even though it can be the most exciting time, it can also be a stressful one so make sure you do it for the right reasons before committing to such a loyal soul for many years.

First of all getting a puppy isn’t short term, you will have this puppy/dog for many many years, some breeds can be in your family for 15 years+ so this is a long-term choice for you to make so here are the pros and cons for getting a puppy.


I going to start with the nice cuddly and best reasons you should get a puppy in your life.

  1. The best companion you will ever have

It is true when they say dogs are a mans best friend, it maybe a cliché and sound cheesy but if you get a dog it will truly be the most loyal and loving friend you will have.

2. They are great for your health

  • Makes you exercise more – Always say you need to walk more or get fitter? Well when you have a puppy and dog you will have no choice but to walk more. This new little animal will need exercise no matter the size, though this varies depends on breeds. But hey now you get to bond with your puppy and be healthier, what could be better?
  • Combats anxiety – It has been proven that having a dog can help you beat anxiety, or at least have a shoulder to cry on when you’re having a bad day. And its true they are always so happy and this can’t help but be emitted throughout the household. I can say this is utterly true from personal experience and when you’ve had a bad day, soon as you walk through the door and you see your dog/s wagging that tail at you, it seems to all disappear.
  • You don’t feel lonely when you have a dog – Everyone at some point can feel lonely, whether your alone or in a room full of people, it can happen and it’s not a feeling anyone wants to go through at any stage. When you have a dog though this doesn’t seem to happen, you will always have someone by your side who can listen when you need to talk and give you the look when they want to respond to you. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t recommend that you get a puppy just because your feeling lonely, you have to want a puppy for there needs and not just yours.

3. Is your dog lonely, another dog can help

Again I don’t want people going out there and buying a second dog just because there first one is looking lonely, but I feel that it is a valid point to make when making a decision. When we were choosing whether to get another puppy, we thought about our dog and whether he would want another dog around. In our case he had previously lived with other dogs so you could tell that he would miss dog company so this did contribute to our overall decision. It is the same when you feel your dog doesn’t get on with other dogs, would it be the best decision to bring another dog into the household? There is more about this on another blog.

4. They will love you no matter what

Relationships change, life changes direction and moves on but the one thing you can always expect to stay the same is the love between you and your dog. No matter what you are like or what you have done your dog doesn’t care and will always continue to love you unconditionally, just make sure you show them just as much love back, they really do deserve it!


1. It may restrict your trips or holidays you may want to go on

Do you love the holidays by the beach with a cocktail and nothing but sun? Then before getting a puppy do take this into account, as it may restrict you from doing this. If you don’t mind finding a reputable kennels or have a family member than can look after your pets then nothing is stopping you from going on holiday. But if you can’t or financially doesn’t add up then you will have to think about you may not be able to go on these types of holidays when having dogs. That being said if you love walking and camping then your dog will love this so take them along.

Don’t let this put you off, me and my husband travelled around Europe in a car with our two dogs (one of them only being 1 years old at the time) and we managed to survive and they loved it!!

2. Got a nice house, expect them to cause a little (or a lot) of damage at some point

Again this isn’t guaranteed but don’t be shocked that if you have a puppy then in the early days expect them to cause a little disruption in the house. It doesn’t make you a bad owner or mean you have a bad dog but sometimes a mess is made, whether it be during toilet training or furniture being chewed it can happen, so don’t leave them expensive shoes lying about (I unfortunately learnt the hard way, my brand new Ted Baker slippers no longer look good!).

3. Be prepared for toilet training

Toilet training is in no means fun! Every puppy is different though and I think you can tell from the get go how difficult it’s going to be, but never be off guard until it has been competed. I am not going to cover how difficult it is, days can be tough and sometimes it feels like your spending your day running around after your puppy with a puppy pad or cleaning up the floor 10 times a day. The only up side to this is it does end! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but one day you will get to the end of the day and realise your puppy has asked to go to the toilet and you haven’t cleaned up pee all day!

4. Get ready to puppy proof your house

If your like me you like having nice things around your house, anything from the cushions to the display cabinet full of limited edition pieces. These look great but when you have a puppy you realise that everything is either dangerous or can be eaten! You will learn as you go along but make sure there is nothing that you puppy can get, that he can either damage or worse can harm your puppy. Some of them nice items may have to go into the loft for now I guess……
5. Your monthly bills are about to get higher!
This is the most important one to think about, write down every expense you will have to be paying out each month (and don’t forget to add what the potential vet bills could be if something were to go wrong). Really research this one, research the breed and any special requirements it may need and check out the prices of everything you will need to buy. Once calculating all of this, tally it up and add it to the rest of your monthly bills, does your wage cover this? If it does then phewwww don’t worry but if it doesn’t then you really need to evaluate whether you should be adding a puppy into the household at this stage.
As you can see there are more cons than pros, don’t let this put you off, if your mindset is totally devoted into getting a dog and you have as much love to give as they give to us, then research the next step is researching the breed you want, research the breeder and go for it! But that’s a whole different blog to be reading!!


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