Why visiting a chocolate shop has never been so good!

When it comes to chocolate I have to say I probably have a bit of a problem, I mean what girl doesn’t like to get home have a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate….Just me? Oh well it feels good!!

Anytime I see a chocolate shop I have to go in so it only made sense that when on our honeymoon we would have to go into the M and M store in Las Vegas, I mean what could be better?! I had heard if these stores being dotted around the world but I hadn’t been in one yet, so even though it was 35.c and the chocolate would probably melt before I could eat it, I didn’t care I wanted to go in and see the wonders.

It was only when we walked in that we saw the extent of the store, I mean it was three floors of chocolate! Yes three floors!! I didn’t know where to start, but the beginning is always a good start, so off we went. I will be honest you have to like chocolate and M and M’s to like this store so if you don’t you might aswell stop reading now!

It was amazing, I mean there was chocolate, I know sounds obvious but it is always a good start to sell your products! You could buy the standard packets of M and M’s or make up your combinations of flavours in the tubes and tubes of M and M’s.

But apart from the chocolate, there was also plenty of other things to do, there was even a cinema room that you could view the history of M and M’s in! Cool, maybe not but who cares you’re in Vegas anything goes! They also has giant M and M statues dotted around the store for you to pose next too, If again your super cool like us!

 So after spending probably nearly an hour in one store we left and were kinda sad that out would probably be a one-off and not see one again, oh how we were wrong…..

On our first year anniversary we decided to take a day trip to London, It was a last-minute trip so had no plans except to see the sights and walk around the lovely capital city. As we were walking we spotted the store, and it was a shock and never even thought to look for it whilst in London.

The store was just as good as we remembered it when in Vegas exactly a year previously! It had the same things the other store had, the chocolate, the statues (being in Britain they even had them lined up on a zebra crossing, sound familiar?) and even the cinema room.


They were both great stores and there are many others around the world, if anyone has the chance to visit one I would highly recommend it, if you want to be in the world of Willy Wonka then this will be the closest you will get! And if not then tell me where to go because I want to go!!


2 thoughts on “Why visiting a chocolate shop has never been so good!

  1. Loved your latest chocoholic
    Post lol. I’m a fan of chocolate as well. Next time you’re in the States try Hershey Pennsylvania. Hershey has a town dedicated to chocolate.
    Check out their Hershey site on line. X

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