Should you get a Fitbit 

Wanting to get fit and also have a love of being organised, getting a Fitbit was possibly the best investment I have ever got.


What is a Fitbit? 

A Fitbit is a device which you attach to your arm, download the app and its as easy as that! The Fitbit will then calculate your steps, how many calories you have burned, your mileage, flights of stairs climbed and how many minutes you have been active that day. Depending on which one you get it can also keep track of your heart rate. As well as tracking daily activities you can also set up exercises for it so you can keep track of everything you do. Struggle sleeping? If you wear it at night it can tell you your sleep pattern and how long you have slept. It also has a handy diary where you can input all of your food and water content for that day, all on one device.

Why get a Fitbit? 

We have told you all of that information and it seems a lot to take it but why do you need one? Why does it matter if you know what steps you have done or how many flights of stairs? Well here is why….

  • Step count – So being a health conscious race we now know we need to do 10,000 steps a day, well we can’t spend our day counting steps so having something that does it for you is easy!
  • Mileage – If your tracking how much exercise you’re doing, tracking it via your mileage is an easy conversion. When someone asks how far you have walked they don’t want to know your steps do they?
  • Flight of stairs – Not sure whether you working out any muscles on a daily basis? Well walking flights of stairs is a good work out but we don’t necessarily think we are doing it, well this works it out for you and you can set your own aim to how many you want to do daily.
  • Active minutes – You my do enough steps but it is also important to do some strenuous exercise throughout the day, this little device works that out for you too.
  • Sleep – Ever wondered how much sleep you get and how disturbed your night can be? Well this will work it out for you and give you an analysis. Apart from being curious it is also beneficial to your health, it is important to get the required amount of sleep a night to help your body recover and feel more energised.
  • Heart rate monitor – Not available on all Fitbit’s but having had one with and without this, I would definitely recommend getting one. Its great when you want to know whether the exercises you are doing are actually doing anything and also is beneficial to know your resting heart rate and whether it is a healthy one.
  • Food and water diary – If you love calorie counting or want to start this makes it super easy. You can input it manually or scan the barcode from the product to get a more accurate count. This way if you want to make sure your not going over your allowance this will tell you. Same goes for water, every time you have a glass input the data and it will tell you when you have reached you goal.

Which one do you get?

Now this one is your decision but research it well and you will find the one you want. Some have more features than other’s but make sure you take in to accept your budget and what you really want to get out of your Fitbit, if you’re not bothered about measuring your heart rate there is no point spending more money is there?

So that’s it! Get out of bed, do some exercise eat the right food and you will instantly feel better! Good luck! 


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