Why having Christmas Eve traditions is a must for having the best Christmas ever

Christmas is my favourite time of year, from the tree to the mince pies, everything about it gives it that magical feeling you’ve had since a small child, but I think the lead up to it is the best time.  

Me and my partner have both worked in retail so have spent years sacrificing our bank holidays especially around Christmas. So if we ever got Christmas off we made it extra special, that’s when we wanted to prolong Christmas as much as possible by making everyday count. That’s when one year we got Christmas Eve off and it was our best day! Being organised it was all step by step but was so magical it made Christmas day even more special. Here is our itinerary for the perfect Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve walk

We have two lovely dogs so walking is pretty much in our daily schedule, that meant we would be going for a walk on this day anyway. But its Christmas, the weather is changing and wrapping up warm makes everything better so its time to go for a serious walk. The first year we decided to do this we had just got a puppy so he was unable to walk on the ground yet (not for long anyway!), so we went for a walk with us carrying him (that itself was a difficult task, he was getting big). It was a lovely walk and is always a great excuse to get out of the house, not use technology and get closer to nature. It’s a great family affair that everyone can do no matter how long or short you want the walk to be, something that can be done year after year.

Gammon for lunch

Everyone talks about Christmas day lunch and how its the best time of year for a good lunch. Though it can turn more into stuffing ourselves silly over a meal we always make too much of and get overly stressed about the whole ordeal. So before that begins me and my husband decided to make a meal on Christmas Eve, one we could just sit down enjoy and not stress about. Gammon is a good one to do, its easy to cook and lasts way past Christmas as leftovers, on the week you have no idea what is going on. We put it on before the walk, we go for our walk and we get to walk back into the house with the smell of gammon wafting through the house, what could be better! We then sit down relax and eat a normal sized but nice meal before the big day.

Christmas eve box

I know this is something a lot of people do so we decided to jump on this idea and we love it! We have aways gave each other a present before Christmas day but this makes it a little more fun. Me and my husband both make a box up of just small treats and gifts for us to enjoy early. We sat down with a hot chocolate (in our Christmas mugs) and opened up our boxes. Now we have to open up the boxes early because it is agreed that our Christmas Eve pj’s will be in there and we have to get them on once and early to get ready for the rest of the evening. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items, just small things that mean something to you, oh and maybe something to eat as well (no one can deny chocolate, especially at Christmas).

Christmas Eve pj’s 

You may have noticed I mentioned Christmas Eve pj’s, yes we do it every year and it is a thing. Basically to see in Christmas we get brand new pj’s (they don’t have to be Christmas themed, though a lot of the time ours are) and we put them on nice and early to get comfy and just relax. Trust me try it, once you do it once you will do it every year, and it makes Christmas that little it more magical (do you get the feeling that your christmas will be magical yet?)!

Christmas Eve movies

We start watching Christmas movies soon as December 1st hits the calendar, however we leave the best christmas movies until now. We sit down in our pj’s with yet another mug of hot chocolate and we get ready for an evening of movies dedicated to the best time of year. Our favourite movie to do this is The Santa Clause movie. You know the one, Tim Allen chucks Santa off the roof then in turn becomes Santa. It’s by far our Christmas movie and one of the best to give you that Christmas spirit. Last year we even watched a movie that was a dog version of home alone, our puppy loved it and enjoyed barking back to all of the characters.

So that’s its give it a go, make Christmas eve even more special than usual, sit back relax and let the christmas spirit takes over ready for the day ahead. 



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