Cheshire Oaks, the amazing Outlet store

I love a good quality brand, I also love a good bargain and sometimes they don’t come hand in hand. However visiting Cheshire Oaks makes that possible with designer brands available for up to 70% off and that is music to my ears!


Where is it? 

Cheshire oaks is a large outside complex based in Ellesmere Port in Cheshire and is easy to get to via car or bus.

What there is

They have many designer brands to choose from, my favourites being Ted Baker and a Cadbury’s store! But they have a wide range of clothing and shoe stores alongside some home and stationary shops with many other options to shop for. They all have discounts that range from low to high discounts, this is the place you can get a great deal for that one special item or if you want to stock up on chocolate the Cadbury’s store is always a good stop.

Had a full day of shopping, don’t worry there are plenty of places to have food and drink including, Krispie Kreme’s to a fish and chip shop. don’t worry there are a lot more to choose from no matter what you fancy you will find it. There are also cafe’s if you just want a quick refreshment before carrying on shopping. If your sick of shopping then you can also visit the cinema and take in a movie, a good way to finish of a full day.


Christmas is the best time to visit Cheshire Oaks, with the Christmas decorations and not to mention the deals you will get too its the perfect place to get some christmas presents. Also I do have to mention the tree that they have every year in the centre of the complex, you may think of course they have a tree its Christmas. However this tree is different, it happens to be the tallest tree you can walk through, in Europe! And when I say you can walk through it, you literally can, it’s a great cause and done for charity but you can walk through the hollow tree and take a look at how a Christmas tree looks like from the inside.

Cheshire Oaks is part of the McArtherglen group which have outlet stores all around the world, knowing this we had the chance to visit a lot of these around Europe. We love these discount stores as we discovered they all have a different theme depending on where they are, it almost became a game to guess what they would look like and they never disappointed.


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