What to see if your going to Liverpool

Being in Cheshire we are in the perfect place to see all the wonderful cities that surround us in the northwest and beyond, this is no exception and there is so much to see in Liverpool.

Albert docks 

With Liverpool being on the waterfront there are multiple docks, this one however is my favourite. The history oozes out of this place with having the largest group of grade 1 listed buildings in the UK, it’s a must if you want to see British historical buildings. It’s not all history though you can take a lovely walk around the dock and on the way around you can stop off at the local shops and restaurants they have to offer. Want some culture you have the option to go to the Beatles museum, see a modern art gallery (Tate Liverpool) or even a Maritime museum, there is definitely something for everyone here.


Liverpool town hall 

The town hall is a beautiful building and another wonderful example of a grade 1 listed building within England, a must see when visiting Liverpool.


There are plenty of museums to visit in Liverpool whether you’re looking for history of the city or art museums, you will be able to tone something for everyone. Personally I love going to the World museum, it is as its states a museum about the world. You can see how we developed as humans, see the ancient world or jet off into space (not literally of course)  and you can do it all for free too! A great day out for all the family.


There are plenty of places to shop in Liverpool so finding something to buy shouldn’t be a problem. The city centre itself hosts a large area of high streets shops all together in one place for you to find.

Alongside that they also have a shopping complex named Liverpool One. Similar to a shopping centre it has everything you need all in one place to have a good day out from shopping, food to a cinema. This one is slightly different though that it is all open so on a nice day you don’t feel like your missing out on the weather but if its raining don’t worry you still have a cover for you to shop. Liverpool One is in a great location being set just off the main shopping street and has a great seating area on the other side where you can sit and relax in the summer.


Anyone that knows anything about football knows that there are two major football clubs in Liverpool. There is Liverpool FC and Everton FC so if you fancy taking in a premier league game it would be the perfect opportunity to do so.


We have been to Liverpool many times, I even bought my bridesmaid dresses from there, however I haven’t seen all of it and I think you need to go here more than once to see the true potential of this beautiful city. 

Liverpool is such a great place to take trips further afield. How about visiting a safari park? Or even a glass museum in the near by St Helen’s? If not you can opt for even more shopping at Cheshire Oaks outlet store……..


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