Is being addicted to Emma Bridgwater a bad thing?

Emma Bridgwater is a pottery company based in Stoke On Trent and since being introduced to it a couple of years ago I haven’t turned back.

The title makes it sound more serious than the post is, but it got your attention didn’t it?

I want to speak about my passion for this beautiful pottery and how it is almost a hobby that I cannot give up. A friend introduced me to this a couple of years ago and I had never heard of it before. Through recommendation and not living far from the base of the company (Stoke On Trent), me and my partner decided to visit it on a day trip out. You turn up and it is literally a factory, you get to see the plain pottery getting ready to be decorated through the windows as you walk pass towards the shop. It gives you a lovely feeling before you even walk in, then you walk in. I would say go into the factory shop first and you get the real feel of what this pottery is about. Walking in you see nothing but teapots, cups, plates and so much more, we didn’t know where to start, so we walked around in circles a couple of times to work out what we wanted. After looking in the factory shop we went to the main shop to see what else we could get. Don’t worry there isn’t just pottery, you can get anything from bedding to stationary. I was in heaven, the next task was finding something to buy.

You may ask what the difference is between the factory shop and the main shop? Well the main shop has all the new and main items you would expect to see. The factory shop (which is my favourite) houses any pottery that may have had a mark on the item and therefore cannot be sold at full price. They are called seconds, I always get my items from here, most of the items are here because there is a black mark on them, which comes off or is in a place you cannot see. You can take your time to get the perfect one for you and if anything you have an individual item that no one else has.

Since then if I have ever needed any new pottery or feel like a splurge then I come here! I have introduced friends to it that have also fell in love, plus its a full family event. You can make your own pottery, take tours and they even have a cafe to enjoy a good afternoon tea in, yes you guessed it Emma Bridgewater pottery.

So to answer my question, do you think I am addicted to Emma Bridgwater? Well yes I probably am but it isn’t a bad thing….Well unless you ask my husband and his bank balance!!



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