Why talk about fashion?

When people hear the word fashion, you think of the catwalk and the numerous fashion shows that happen throughout the year, but there is so much more to that and I want to prove it……


I’ve not always thought about fashion. When I was younger I  would say I was the tomboy of the group. Wearing tracksuits and trainers I wasn’t the fashion icon, and you know what, I didn’t care! I was a child and I don’t think you should worry about what you look like when you’re that young. It’s all about playing outside and coming in for food when your mum shouts you. But enough about the easy days, as an adult its all about bills, going to work everyday and being that responsible adult.

But don’t worry – it’s not all doom and gloom, we are here to talk about fashion!

In the last couple of years I’ve really started to take care on what I am wearing, not all the time – I still enjoy my pj’s on a weekend!! Some people may think whats the point, it’s all about the person within. And while I firmly agree and you certainly shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, human nature isn’t that nice. We make a decision about somebody within minutes of seeing them so if you’re not presentable, then it may make your life more difficult. Plus if anything, it made me feel better, you feel like you can conquer the world when you go to work in a suit/dress rather than some rags.

But it is about feeling comfortable. I don’t believe you should wear anything that you don’t feel good in, or physically makes you uncomfortable. You can be stylish whilst being comfy, plus don’t think you can’t do it on a budget! Some of my best and most versatile clothing has come from the high street.

So what am I going to write about? 

  • What the trends are and should we follow them?
  • Outfits to wear at suitable times (that mini skirt cannot be worn during a job interview!)
  • What I think of fashion
  • Styling tips from a non fashion expert (it can’t be that bad!)


Keep up to date and hopefully you can discover your new wardrobe for 2017! We can do this! 




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