Our first city of Germany is Freiburg im Breisgau

We had visited the largest waterfall in Europe but now we would be seeing a totally different landscape, by travelling through the black forest, and this would be our first view of Germany

Switzerland had a little bit of snow but that was mainly on the top of mountains, and we hadn’t really seen it up close. To drive a few miles into Germany and to see snow was not only a shock but magical. At this stage I could not see how I would be disappointed in Germany! Driving to our first city took longer than it should have done as we were stopping every few miles so I could get out and take some photos, the problems of travelling with someone who is addicted to taking photographs. 

But just look as some photos that I took on route from Switzerland to Freiburg.

Anyway back to the point of the blog – Freiburg im BreisgauWe arrived in the afternoon so we took the opportunity to park up and see what Germany has to offer. For me it is important that the first place you see in a country is somewhere you love, otherwise I get a bad feeling about the country in general. I’m not saying I judge a book by its cover but it takes a lot to turn around a bad experience. It’s not a good trait but travelling is really helping with this and hopefully it improves.

Thankfully, as soon as we parked up, I fell in love! The buildings, the history, the beauty just blew us away and it was love at first sight.


Main sights 


This is the cathedral of Freiburg and probably the most well-known sight. It is a beautiful example of medieval architecture. Be sure to take your time in walking around this building and checking out every detail, there is a lot to see and you don’t want to miss any of it. When we arrived there was also a market on with the local fruit and veg, amongst other local tastes you can try. Also if you visit it at christmas you will find more stall around this area of the city (more on that in my christmas markets blog).


When you walk around this city you will notice that there are overly large drains along the edges of the streets. These were here as a sewage system and almost adds the charm to the city as you don’t see it everyday (if you take dogs though beware that they may like to jump in or even try to drink the water if there has been rainfall recently).

It is said that those who step into the drain will once again visit the city in the future.


Once we parked up, this gate was the first main sight that we saw. It really gives you a sense to where the old town starts and finishes, and is an impressive way of showing that. Constructed in the 13th century, it is the older of the two remaining gates and both of them are worth a visit as they have a different look to it.

Historical merchants hall

If anything, this building stands out more than any other building I have seen. The deep red colour of the entire building, with the detail being in gold, it certainly catches your eye as you walk around the corner. It is certainly a beautiful and very impressive building which literally cannot be missed when visiting Freiburg. This is also a place which you will find more christmas markets if visiting in december (again more info to follow in the christmas markets blog).


There are many more sights in Freiburg, including the new and old town hall which all have beautiful structures, really any building you walk past will have some sort of history to it and worth looking at. You can easily spend hours walking up and down the streets and you will find something new. In a space of a couple of weeks we came to this city twice and the second time we found new and beautiful things which we didn’t spot the first time.

Now before I finish this blog, it is really important that I share this amazing creation with you. When we went to the farmers markets, we came across a stall with cakes and pastries and bought a pastry we couldn’t pronounce. We walked away and tucked into it as a mid morning snack and it turned out to be the most beautiful thing we have ever tasted! Now I am going to add that we have tasted a lot of different foods and I agree the first taste of something is always the best, but this was so good that when we visited the city a couple of weeks later, we came back and bought some more! And let me tell you that it tasted just as good and just wish that I could buy it back home.

Now I have finished raving about this food, I will tell you what it is so yo can try it for yourself. It is called a Oberlindenhörnle, which, after looking at their website, is a short crust and puff pastry with marzipan and a hint of coconut. It also contain raisins for any allergy sufferers to be aware of. Don’t be alarmed by coconut or marzipan, you really can’t taste this too strongly, and I say this from a person who doesn’t like either marzipan or coconut.

If going to this city you really do need to try this, so if you are early risers you can get them from the PFEIFLE bakery stall at the farmers market outside of the Münster – if that fails you can go directly to the shop on Oberlinden 18 road (this is just outside of the Martinstor gate).

Even if you can’t have these pastries, I would definitely recommend trying some sort of cake from this bakery as it was lovely and all looked and smelt delicious.
To look further check out there website – Pfeifle bakery


And that’s it, our first city of Germany was done and dusted and we have instantly fell in love. It was now time to leave whilst we had some sunlight left in the day, as it was time to drive through the black forest…….. 






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