25 photos which will make you visit Austria

Austria for us is our favourite country we have visited so far in Europe and we think that this is also the most underrated country.

People don’t talk about Austria enough, when you think about travelling you think France, Spain even Germany, but this post will show you the you should be booking your next trip to Austria. That may sound big-headed but personally I think that after you see these photos you will suddenly understand why.


Castle ruins, Villach

There are plenty of castles in Europe for you to visit but in Austria we noticed more freedom when visiting them. Some castles have gone into ruin but it still doesn’t make them any less impressive, also if they are in ruin it gives you the freedom to walk around them for free and at your will. This particular ruin is near the city of Villach named Burgruine Finkenstein. With this you can walk around the ruin and in the summer it even houses a amphitheater and a restaurant. What a perfect place to take in a show and some food.



Castles, Vienna 

As castles come this is an impressive one, when I imagine a castle I imagine a medieval type castle with turrets and a wall protecting it. This one is especially like that to the point where it was used to film The three musketeers (the one which Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt and Chris O’Donnell played the famous musketeers). This one has is surrounded by a large park which is extremely family friendly. It os all free to get into but to access the castle itself does have a charge.

City Views, Graz 

This particular view is overlooking the city of Graz, with the beautiful buildings that Austria has and the opportunity to get high enough to view it makes it a breathtaking country to see from above.

Churches, Salzburg 

There are many churches in Austria and some maybe more beautiful than this one, however I chose this one to show you can be walking around a city and you can suddenly come across such a beautiful yet subtle building. Even if you like the hustle and bustle of a city you could still stop and appreciate the history of a city when in Austria, which for me makes it a special country.


The lakes

This for me shows how if you go to Austria you can get as close to nature as you can. There are many photos of this lake and how beautiful it is so I thought I would show a different view. When I saw photos of Hallstatt I always wondered where they were when they took the photos, well this is where I was. And how beautiful is it! This was a perfect place to just sot back and relax, the dogs had a good swim and in the summer it would be the perfect place to go for a swim, what is more perfect?

This is a different view of a lake named Faacker see near Villach. 

The mountain views

Who doesn’t love a mountain view, going to Austria and you won’t fail to see mountains wherever you go. With the Alps taking up a large part of the small country you will see breathtaking views and some incredible walks too. I think this is something you could see at any time of year and it would still be as beautiful. We went late Autumn so the views we got was very much full of reds and oranges. We also managed to see some snow too which gave it a whole different atmosphere, I would imagine seeing it in the summer would be a whole different feel again.


The snow, Grossglockner 

If you love snow you need to go to Austria, Of course a lot of countries get snow but being from Britain our snow is actually just a horrible slush that just gets you the flu. We turned a corner on the Grossglockner and saw this! It was again a beautiful sight with the snow fall and settling on the mountain. If you especially want to see the snow do research the time of year, we went in October and was very lucky to see it at this time of year!

The walks, Plansee 

We love walking and with our dogs it gives us the drive to find a good long walk to make sure they get the exercise they need. No matter where you are you can find a beautiful walk, whether it be a forest walk or a lake walk you will find hundreds of them to choose from. The pictures below are a walk we did of the lake Plansee and was by far our favourite.

The Rivers, Innbruck 

Whether it be a small or large river no matter where you go you will find one in Austria. they are a beautiful sight but also a helpful one when visiting a city. We found that if you are in the old town of a city soon as you hit the river chances are you will be walking out of the old town, this is because rivers used to be used as a boundary of towns.

Laxenburg palace, outside of Vienna 

The buildings, Innsbruck 

The style of the buildings in Austria are highly impressive, the detail it carries draws your eyes to it with such beauty its difficult to turn away. When you go to any town or city just take time looking at the buildings, they may not be anything more than a shop or restaurant but the history it carries is so much more impressive.


The historical monuments, Salzburg

I love historical monuments, it shows you how we used to think and live and how that has changed over the years. I think it is important to know where we have come from and how humanity has changed over the years. Austria used to be part of a great empire and the monuments certainly show that so take your time to really look at what they really mean and the details that was created.


The parks, Vienna 

I could be bias on this one because my favourite time of year is Autumn. The leaves start to fall and change colour and for me makes everything look that bit more beautiful. When we went to Austria the ground gave a colour of reds and oranges and they were beautiful to walk around. Apart from that they were all a great and easy walk to go around, pet friendly and plenty of places to sit take a rest or read a book, I am sure they would be beautiful all year round.

The dogs love it, Vienna 

Out of all the countries we visited Europe Austria was by far the most dog friendly. We have two rather large dogs so some places were difficult to get around from not finding dog friendly parks to the cities not being a great place to walk. With Austria they had plenty of parks which were dog friendly and had parts cut of especially for your dogs to be off a lead and play! For a large breed this is so important, especially with a puppy on board our trip! The cities were also a great place for them, with it being a smaller country, although still busy they were nowhere near as busy as some other major cities like London (somewhere I could never take my boys)!

Roman History, Vienna

Yep you heard correct, you can go to Austria and see some Roman history. Don’t get me wrong there isn’t an awful lot so don’t base your holiday on this but it is great to see when visiting an area and you see some important history still there for you to see. This amphitheatre is situated near Liechtenstein castle, near Vienna.


The abbeys, Melk 

This is an exquisite building! The beauty and history pours out and hits you before you are even inside. This is a must when visiting Austria especially if you want to see some of the Austrian history.

The history of Mozart, Salzburg 

Being the home of Mozart you can see how proud they are of this iconic figure. Salzburg being the home city of Mozart has the most impressive history of him but you wont fail to see his face no matter where you are in Austria.

Modern art, Salzburg 

When you hear Austria you don’t expect to hear the words modern art, you expect to see the historical buildings and alpine views, but if you go to Salzburg I think it is important to see this too. It is something totally different to its surroundings but is still an impressive one and shows the development of what our history is going to become. Whether you like modern art of not it does leave a lasting impression on you.


Impressed with Austria or want to know more? We have numerous blogs all dedicated to our time in Austria and are great reads if you want to visit in the future.





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