The two versions of Sleeping Beauty’s castle

In Germany we got the see what Walt Disneys idea of Sleeping Beauty’s castle would be (and of course the famous castle of Disneyland itself) and what the brothers Grimm would have used as inspiration to write to fairytale so long ago.

Neuschwanstein Castle

It would only be right that for someone who is a big Disney fan going to visit Germany would go and see this castle. And thats what we did. There are hundreds of pictures of this famous castle which would envy any other castle in the world. But why are we fascinated with this particular castle? Well we have Walt Disney to thank for that, it is not known whether he visited this castle in person, though I would imagine it would be unlikely that he did but still he saw it and chose the look of this castle and turned it into one of the most famous castles in the world. But it is just as impressive in person, in a word yes.

Our day started the usual way, planning our route having breakfast and then starting our drive to the next wonder on our trip. Today was different though, we were going to see the castle that Walt deemed beautiful enough to inspire him. It goes without saying that expectations were high and I hoped that I wouldnt be disappointed. We were driving down country roads, going further and further away from civilisation and then we saw it. It appeared from no where peaking above the trees in all of its glory. Thats when I knew i wouldnt be disappointed. There is just something about it, whether it is a clever trick from Disney to fall in love with it I do not know, but all the memories of Disney come flooding back from when you want to be that Disney princess and have her own castle.

We parked right at the bottom of the Castle as you cannot drive any further, and we started our walk. It was a lovely walk, though not an easy one as you are walking straight up. that being said you dont notice as much when you are taking in the forest views around you. If you are unable to walk far there is also the option of getting a horse and carriage directly to the castle.

We made it to the top and seeing it up close was definatley worth the walk. Apart from the scaffolding on one side of the building, it did look straight of a fairytale. Unfortunalety with the dogs we were unable to go in so gives us an excuse to come back one day (hopefully that scaffolding is gone too!).

Be warned though this is a very popular tourist destination and I think no matter when you go it will be busy and getting that perfect fairytale photo maybe a difficult task.


Unlike the Neuschwanstein Castle this one is not as well known and therefore a lot queiter, much to our delight.

This castle looks nothing like the previous castle shown but is still important in fairytale history. Brothers grimm as you all will know were German Brothers who are responsible for making the fairytales as famous as they are today. One of them fairytales is the story of Sleeping Beauty, and we all know every princess needs a castle.

Walt disney believed the Neuschwanstein Castle is the perfect picture for that said castle, whereas it is beleived that this castle is where the insiration came from when the Grimm brothers wrote it. They lived near by and it is a truly beautiful castle and you can imagine why they would use it.

We were near by and had to go off route to see this castle, if anything this was a beautiful drive. We drove through the forests and again you can see how they would have used the whole surroudings in there stories.

There was a car park near by so we parked up and took the much shorter walk up to the castle. This is completeley different to the Neuschwanstein Castle, it has more of a medieval feel rather than a glamourous fell to it but no less impressive.

What made it feel more magical was the fact no one else was there. There was just piece and queit apart from the gardener who was out raking the fields. We came in the winter so was unable to see the gardens which it also houses, this again is somewhere we want to visit again.

If you visit here and need a place near by you can complete the fairytale exerience by actually staying at the castle itself! This is something we are definatley going to do.


Is one better than the other? 

This is a difficult question. If you are a Disney fan then the Neuschwanstein Castle will leave you in awe, but if you are a Brothers Grimm fan then the Sababurg will give you a real insight to what inspired them. Being a fan of both it is a question that cannot be answered, they are both impressive and I think that you should  just visit both!




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