How travelling has made us healthier and fitter

Now before I start this, I am not going to deny that we had an awful lot of fast food on our journey but hear me out, it’s not all bad and overall I think it has helped us…

We ate all our fast food in this trip

Hearing the words fast food on this blog and you may be thinking “this isn’t healthy – you know nothing!” That is true, fast food is bad and has a mountain of calories and fat that we shouldn’t be having, and I will be saying this now that this isn’t advice and I am not telling people to go out there and eat fast food, this is just our experiences that I feel like I shouldnt miss out.

So now that is cleared up, lets talk food. At first travelling messed up our timings and eating patterns, we didn’t know what to eat, what we could cook and where best to cook when on the road. Whilst working that out when you are hungry and driving, that big M sign or the king holding a burger, they look very appetising.

We had more than we should have done until we finally got into a pattern and thankfully we did! By the time we were a couple of weeks in, my body was craving a salad, or just something green really. I thought this day would never come when I would want to choose a salad over a pizza, but doing this journey did that, and I feel better off for it. It really is true that you can have too much of a good thing, when it comes to food anyway.

Doing more steps now than if we were sat behind a desk 

  • Before we started travelling, me and my husband both had office jobs, this meant sitting down all day except for tea breaks and any other menial tasks you may have to do. You think this may be enough steps a day along with the few times a week you may half attempt to go to the gym. I’m telling you – it isn’t and not by a long shot. Even when walking back and forth to work I would be hitting a mere 5,000 at best.

You should be hitting at least 10,000 steps a day

When travelling, hitting these steps were sometimes a difficult one but very rare. We would do at least 10,000 steps a day and when walking around cities with no public transport, that would be doubled, or even tripled (Rome was a killer couple of days for steps!).

So basically we did the right amount of steps and we didn’t even notice, and what could be better than that!

Dogs gives you plenty of exercise and make you feel better 

This is the case whether your travelling or not – if you have dogs, you can be fitter without even noticing. This maybe a simple thing to mention but equally as important and its easy – all you need to do is enjoy their company. The main ways it helps are;

  • You can walk your dogs for longer and further – this adds to your step count and you get more fresh air.
  • Play some games with you dogs – this is not only fitter for you and your dogs but also creates a long-lasting bond.
  • No more lazy days – everyday you will have to go out to at least walk your dog (this may sound like a negative but trust me you will feel better in the long run)
  • This doesn’t take any extra work but useful to know that just having a dog is proven to reduce stress levels and having the support there all the time makes people happier – who doesn’t want a cuddle creature to comfort you after a bad day? And it may stop you for reaching the ice cream!

We now have time to cook food from scratch 

Earlier on in the blog, I mentioned struggling to find a way to cook food, and this is true, but this exact problem has made us appreciate being able to cook a basic meal. So we found that when we did have somewhere to stay, and when we get back into a regular living pattern, it has made me want to cook from scratch. I look forward to knowing what is in my meals and where the food has come from, and being able to cook it all fresh.

I have always enjoyed cooking and baking, but not having my own kitchen has made me really know how much I enjoy it, so having a kitchen again will make me want to cook everything and not eating any pre made meals.

Need to keep track, get a Fitbit 

I mention a lot about a step count and knowing it is extremely important in keeping up to date with your fitness. Anyone that wants to get fit and healthy and keep up to date with it needs something to track it. There is a lot of gadgets out there these days and knowing which one to get takes research. I did my research and I think a Fitbit Charge 2 HR was the best one for me – it tracks steps, miles, flights of stairs and numerous other ways to track fitness. As well as that, you can input what you have eaten and drank in a day in a easy way to calorie count. This is then all done and input in downloadable app. There are various styles that do various different things so researching is key.

I have had the Charge and recently updated to the Charge 2 HR which now has more features, and measures my heart rate whenever the Fitbit is on.

Again this works perfectly for me and my lifestyle and has been perfect whilst travelling, but do research the best products for you and run with it, literally!


So even though it maybe coming up to christmas and we are on a short break from travelling, we feel healthier and fitter than ever! We may have a long way to go (I mean I still have a weakeness for chocolate), but changing is always difficult and not easy so its about not giving up! 


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