The fairytale of the Black Forest 

Everyone knows and has heard of the Black Forest, whether it is because of your love for the Black Forest gateau, or the love of classic fairy tales, this place will live up to any expectation and more. 

There are various routes you can take when driving the Black Forest depending on where you are and where you want to end up, today we drove the Schwarzwaldhochstraße (B500) from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt.

It was a late afternoon when we set off, so we knew at one point we would hit the Black Forest in darkness, and that is really when the forest comes to life, or that’s what the stories say……..

This is one of our favourite drives we have done so far. With winter setting in any day, we took the opportunity to take in the sights of Germany in late autumn. On route trees would surround us, with the yellows and orange leaves dropping all around. The wind would cut through the trees to give the forest the most magical feel.

At this point I was in my element and taking in the views around me, we stopped multiple times to get great views and overlook the forest.

Our drive was going great and the next thing that happened was the best part of the whole journey – we hit a wall of snow and we instantly arrived in a winter wonderland. Simon – “Great for Tasha taking photos, not so great for me driving in a blizzard!”

Snow began to fall and the ground had a thick layer that would be perfect for snow angels. We stopped off at a large car park with a picnic area, so we decided to get out and take the dogs for a small walk. I would like to say that the dogs love snow! I mean the puppy runs around and is completely baffled at what it is, he runs around in circles and tries to pick it up with his nose! Aswell as letting the dogs have a play we took this time to look around the forest. It was the most beautiful sight, when you imagine what the forest in Snow White would be like, come to the Black Forest. It almost has an air of mystery around it as you look into the distance and all you can see is trees, but you wonder what wildlife lives amongst them.

At this stage Simon had to drag me away otherwise we would have been there for hours taking photos and admiring the surroundings.

We carried on through the Black Forest taking one of the few route available. It started to get dark so we decided we wouldn’t take any more stops until we got through the forest. As we were driving through, the snow started to get thicker on the ground and started to fall quicker. This was straight out of a movie and considering Britain doesn’t get much snow (I mean at all, we are lucky if we get slush!), it was definitely becoming the most magical time of the year (get it?).

Though at first this was fun and, in a way, a little bit spooky as the night had completely set in now, after a while driving through it started to become a difficult one. With it not being a well-lit or popular road, it was important at this stage to go slow and steady, concentrating on where we were driving. This meant it would take double the time it would normally driving this road. Every now and again you would come to a small village situated deep into the forest and you could see them settling down for the evening in front of a fire.

A couple of hours later we had got out of the Black Forest and the snow started to stop. We had made it through the Black Forest in the day, at night, with snow and with shine. This was one of the best days so far and was making germany one of our favourite countries to visit.









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