Where it all began…. we tried being adults, lets mix it up a little bit

So this is our first blog so I thought it would only be right to tell you how we decided to pack up everything we own and go travelling in the big wide world.


It was just a normal weekday, the dogs had been walked and it was just like every other day. That was until we had an inspection on the house in order for us to get a mortgage (for those who don’t know, me and my husband were renting a house and were in the process of buying that same house). We were hoping everything would go to plan and then the mortgage would be accepted and then we could begin on a whole new adventure of being homeowners……oh how wrong we could be.

The surveyor came round and had a look at the house. About two hours later and a lengthy discussion with my husband, the verdict was that it would cost about £5000 to sort the house out (if we wanted to that is). Shock set in at first. After sitting in silence for about 10 minutes, we then discussed what we needed to do next. Now we had a few options. We could buy the house, spend the money on the repairs, spend time in a house that would look like a building site and have no money to show for it. We could look for another house to buy in the area (but on our budget I think the problems would have been the same). Or we could carry on renting and carry on as we were (this would have been the easy option but wouldn’t have been moving anywhere in life).

So this is when we came up with another option……should we just pack up and run away somewhere. Now at first, this was laughed off as something that everyone probably thought of at some point in there lives. But then we thought why not?? What is really stopping us from packing up and seeing all of the world? Well we came up with a list;

  1. We both have stable jobs 
  2. We have friends and family close by 
  3. We have a house to maintain 
  4. We have two dogs to be responsible for 
  5. We have too much stuff to store 
  6. And of course we got married a year ago and still like so many other people have debt to pay off 

The list could go on and on, and then we thought these are all excuses and why can’t we go and see some of the world before we settle down properly.

So next came the planning, we needed to see whether this is an actual plausible idea. So where better to do it than at Costa! So out we went with a notepad and all the ideas bursting out of our brains.

  1. So number 1 was have we actually got the money to travel and not get paid anything? (the answer was yes! We had a little bit of savings plus the money we were going to use for the house) 
  2. How are we getting around (at this point we were thinking camper van, four by four basically anything bigger than our car) 
  3. Can we take the dogs? (the answer is yes, no matter where we go the dogs will go with us but more on taking dogs abroad in a future post) 
  4. Where do we go?!! (well our first choice was easy, Simon’s dad lives in Spain so why not go visit family and start our journey from there) 

So that it!! We decided we were going to quit our jobs and go travel around Europe!

What came next was the difficult part, actually telling people this is what we were going to do and hoping we had a good reaction from it!

We told family first and we were so relieved that everyone seemed happy for us and the most common sentence we heard was,

‘We wished we had done the same when we were your age and had the chance’

Next was work and this is when we felt most nervous. This didn’t become real until the letters of resignation hit our work table! But that was it, all done, and after we did it we felt a relief of pressure.

So over the next four weeks we spent time at work getting the car sorted (our trusty ford focus was going to be coming with us), selling everything we didn’t really need anymore, boxing up stuff to go into storage and last but not least making sure the dogs were all up to date so they could leave the country.

Now we would never say that this is easy and no matter when or how you do this you are going to be stressed and maybe even question whether this is the right thing, but trust me, if it feels right and your passion is to be yourself and discover the world, then it will all be worth it in the end.

This is going to be the first of many blogs with many of them being about places we have been and how we could possibly do it with two dogs!! (again more on than later) But if there is anything that you want to ask, then you can always comment or contact us directly and hopefully our journey can help you discover yours…….

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on September 5th 2016

3 thoughts on “Where it all began…. we tried being adults, lets mix it up a little bit

  1. good luck to you both . yeah its a hard decision but how many people do you know who should be retired and arent because they cant afford it . all you are doing is finding your way in life having fun and making the most of it while you are young enough to enjoy it . on your journey you will discover many a place you might think ohh we could settle here . keep going as long as you can around that world find your sanctury and if needs must you can always go back to somewhere if its that nice . oh and remember if you get lost dont worry you always seem to find somewhere nice 🙂 hopefully i will be able to follow yr blog too . take care and drive safe if yr tired stop in safe place and rest xx

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