15 photos to make you visit Germany

Aside from the German food, Christmas markets and beer, Germany has a lot to offer and it should be seen to believe it.

These photos will show all the different sides to this beautiful country, along with each photo there will be a brief description on where it was taken. This way you will be able to decide where you want to visit Germany.

1.Freiburg, Germany 


One of our first views of Germany. This is one of the entrances in the old city of Freiburg.

2. Black Forest, Germany 

We first entered the Black Forest and the snow began to fall, it was just out of a fairytale.

This is a dream for anyone who loves photography or loves to make snow angels in the snow.

3. Freiburg, Germany

Another photo of Freiburg but if you want to see all the small side streets you can get lost in, you will get a great pick in Germany.

4. Disney castle, Germany 

This is one of the most famous castles in the world and inspired Walt Disney when he was designing his iconic castle. You can’t blame him its beautiful and stands out to anything else around it. Don’t just visit this one though there is plenty of choice of castles, and they are all beautiful and all have their own individual style.

5. Suprising aspects of Germany

As said previousl, all castles are beautiful and have there own style. This is situated right next to the famous Disney castle and is often overlooked next to its more famous neighbour. This proves you need to really explore this country to see all the secret wonders it houses.

6. The cathedrals, Munich Germany

img_1364Travelling Europe has really made us appreciate architecture around the world, and this goes especially for cathedrals. There are some very impressive ones and this goes for the very famous one in Munich. You will turn the corner and it will appear out of no where and it really is beautiful. If you go to Germany you will for sure come across some amazing cathedrals.

7.Christmas markets, Germany

Christmas is my favourite time of year and being able to spend some of that in Germany was one of the best times. Christmas markets have been around for hundreds of years and have become a worldwide event, however I think to see the true Christmas markets visiting Germany is a must for a true experience.

8. Lübeck, Germany

This city is worth a mention all on its own. Lübeck is a beautiful and historical city and walking around this city won’t disappoint you. If visiting Germany I think this ticks everything on your list. It has history, beautiful views, an impressive river and if you go at Christmas, it has a wonderful Christmas market.

9. The gardens, Germany 

When going to Germany, you expect to see a lot of beer, food and old buildings.  But no matter where you go you will see beautiful gardens. We were lucky enough to go to the Charlottenburg in Germany, these have a beautiful gardens that you could really walk around for hours on end. For us this was perfect as you could take dogs around, as long as you kept them on a lead.

10. The history, Germany

I think this photo says it’s all. Not only do they have hundreds of years worth of history, there is also history that is as recent as it can get. If you go to Berlin you will especially see at a lot of history around WW2. Visiting this is a must and it really does hit home to how recent this is, please visit this with the utmost respect.

11. Berlin, Germany

Visiting the capital of any country I think is always a must and this especially the case when it comes to Germany. Berlin is a wonderful capital with a diverse amount of history. With the Capital being split after WW2 half of the capital has history from being run by Russia and the other half being run by Britain, America and France. This makes the city highly diverse and gives you history and wonder no matter where you walk.

12. The food and Drink, Germany 

I will warn you now, I am a fussy eater, however out of all the countries we have visited I didn’t struggle at all in Germany. The food is delicious, but it is a highly meat-eating country, not to put off vegetarians/vegans though, they have a great selection of places that offer alt food, especially in the city.

Try anything from the sausages, to the  great selection of potato dishes. Drink is also a must, hot chocolates is a great hot drink choice but of course you have to try a beer or two when you go. Check out the special pops they have too, their popular drink is mixing Coca Cola with orange Fanta! What could be better!

13. Countryside views, Germany 

Sometimes when you see so much history, it is great to have some time just in the wilderness. Germany has some beautiful parts to just sit back and take in nature.

14. The architecture, Germany 


15. More architecture, Esslingen, Germany 


I think this last one deserved two photos on this list. I just fell in love with the buildings in Germany, every one seemed to be different and carry its own story. There buildings tend to be vibrant and colourful so this is something you can’t miss when you visit Germany.

We took an awful lot of photos when in Germany, so it was difficult to really narrow it down to these 15. Check out our Instagram page to see more of our photos from Germany and many other countries on our travels.

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