The views of Lake Como

If you want to see pure beauty whilst having the relief of total relaxation then you need to come here! 

We had left Turin and our next stop was Lake Como, but before then we had run out of camping gas and needed to get some more.

Our sneak peek of Milan 

Leaving Turin we needed to find somewhere that had the well-known sports shop Decathlon so we could get some gas for our camping stove. Knowing there wouldn’t be any near Lake Como, our logical idea was to head towards Milan and stop there, and then make our way towards Como. This plan was great – we found three shops in the area of Milan so surely this would be easy….no! After visiting the first two and finding they stocked none, we had only one option left…thankfully they had some so we stocked up and off we went (This is when we first experienced the zone traffic areas and how complicated it can be – It’s that complicated a separate blog will be made).

Lake Como at night 

A few hours later than expected, we arrived to Lake Como. The sun had already gone down so we took a drive around the town of Como and a bit of the lake. The lake at night was beautiful and looked so calm. We drove for a little while and admired all the houses that were situated around the lake (for those who didn’t know George Clooney had a house on Lake Como amongst other stars). We found a lay by next to a park leading down to the lake so we stopped there overnight.

Lake Como by day 

Waking up along the lake was a peaceful awakening so put us in a good mood for the day. Today was a bit of a lazy day for us, so all we wanted to do was drive leisurely around the lake and take in all of the views, and there were plenty.

There are many towns along the lake that you come across every now and again, so it is a lovely opportunity to stop off for some food and drink. We ideally hoped for a quieter spot that we could take the dogs and relax for a little while, but most of Lake Como is built up without many places you can stop, unless you stop in the towns. Most of the beaches I would say are not dog friendly, some you could take with a lead (we couldn’t walk our dogs on a beach without letting them in the water) but some had no dog signs on so they can’t go on there at all, but we did find one beach that dogs could go on called Bau Bau Beach in Varenna. It’s a smaller, pebbled beach but it was perfect for our dogs! The area was fenced off, so they couldn’t get onto the main road, and they had dog bins for any waste. Our dogs loved it and would have stayed there all day to swim and play in the lake.

At the end of the day, we came towards the end of Lake Como and had nearly done a full circle. We started to make our journey to our first major city….Milan!

*Editors note – this has been edited to be more accurate and was first published on the 9th October 2016

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