What about our opinion!? 

So our pawrants have taken us out of our house and we keep visiting these really big and interesting places. I keep seeing them write about it and how it’s great or not so great but has anyone asked us?! No! So we have now decided we are going to get our say now and tell you if these places are really good for us dogs

So you already know who we are, we are the boys that are spoken about the whole time on these blogs and if we’re not then we are from now on!

Oscar : My name is Oscar (I am older so I get to do all the typing) and with me is my younger brother Monty (they say brother all the time but technically I am his great great uncle so I’m not sure what’s happining there)……..

Oscar : ……Oh sorry about the silence I saw something interesting and needed to check it out but it’s ok I’m back now!! So where were we? That’s it, me and Monty have decided to talk about our time in this strange place called Europe (that’s what my pawrants call it anyway).

Monty: Can I speak yet please please please????

Oscar: Not just yet. I’m explaining what we are doing so go and play over there….sorry about that (I would like to add I was never that excitable). Along the way we are going to be inputting our opinions about whether other pawrants should bring there beloved dogs to every place that we go, we will explain the good, the bad and the ugly but for now I need to sleep. I’ve only had 10 hours sleep today and I’m falling behind so bye for now and I’ll see you soon.

Monty: Bye bye bye come back soon please – I want a fuss!!!!

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on October 6th 2016

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