Andorra – the hidden gem

So I’m hoping if your reading this one, you’re up to date! 

Ok so we are in Valencia, just about to set off on our next stage of our tour. Basically, we need to get from Valencia all the way to the Spain/Andorra border – easy!

Off we went through the countryside taking in all the views as we go. After a bit of research, we learnt that there wasn’t many places to stop in Andorra and any campsites can be expensive. So we decided that it would be best to stay in Spain overnight and then hop over to Andorra first thing in the morning.

A little while later we came across a lovely little layby. I mean this was perfect, it came away from the road and it had a picnic area too. This is before you look at the views, they were beautiful. Nothing but rolling hills of the Spanish countryside. So we settled down for the evening. We got out our camping stove and cooked our first proper meal on the road, a lovely chicken noodle soup. We then spent the evening playing uno and off to sleep we went.

The next morning we were up bright and early and headed to the next country on our list. It was about an hours drive before we hit the border, but we made it. When we did hit the border we could start to see the beauty of the Pyrenees all around us. Again we got through the border without a hitch but I would always say have all your documents to hand, that one time you don’t will be the time you need them!

Driving into Andorra was a strange sensation, with it being surrounded by the Pyrenees, it is a very popular ski resort. Now with us going in late summer,obviously they don’t have much snow or skiing going on and it’s a lot queiter than it would be normally. The thing that was strange is that all the buildings surrounding all of the villages were all ski resorts but it was summer (all I could think was how warm and cosy it would be to sit in the resorts in the winter)! So we headed to the capital of Andorra (which, just so you know, is Andorra la Vella), with Andorra not being a big country this didn’t take very long.

Andorra isn’t part of the E.U and has its own phone lines (we couldn’t get any internet at all) so check with your internet provider before making a trip. Though, there are a lot of wifi points in the capital.

Andorra is another tax haven so it is again the perfect place to do a bit of shopping. Driving through the centre showed us this with sign after sign of advertising perfumes and shopping centres.

The centre looked a lovely place to shop but with us having the boys we wanted to get away from the shopping streets and into the countryside. We drove through all the small villages and looked at the wonderful houses that are placed on the mountain sides (We will warn you, if you plan on driving in Andorra be a confident driver, the roads are thin and windy and go up and down quite a lot). We stopped at one of the villages and got the boys out of the car for a walk. This was one of the smallest but cutest villages I have seen. There were only about a dozen houses that weaved in and out of the streets. It had a church in the middle and a water point near by. We walked to the top of the village where the views were marvellous! We then walked away from the village and back to the car.

We then spent the next few hours just driving around Andorra, weaving in and out of the roads and going up and down the mountains, stopping as we go to take in the wonderful views.

Again, before we left, we topped up on fuel as it was as cheap as Gibraltar and off we went towards the French border.

We may not have been in Andorra long, but if I could buy a house, it would be in this wonderful little country tucked away between Spain and France

Editors note: this has been updated to be more accurate and was originally published on the 5th October 2016

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