Three countries in 24hrs

So we’re currently getting very cheap fuel at the border of Andorra and off we went towards the border of France.

Hello France our old friend, its been a whole two weeks since we have seen you, and you never cease to amaze us of your beauty. Last time we entered France we entered via a city, now we enter through the Pyrennes and the beauty carried over from Andorra. We avoid the motorways as much as possible just so we can see the rural parts of every country (plus if you drive around any country in Europe, I would recommend that you reasearch the motorways as most of them charge a toll – and more than one charge too (depending on where you are).


We spent the afternoon travelling through the hills of France, but it wasnt long before we drove along to a town that was indeed a Spanish town. Now when I say Spanish I mean that this little part of France is still owned by Spain. (No border control here). The locals speak Spanish and they have Spanish cars. So after only leaving Spain a day ago we went to this little village called Llivia. We didn’t spend long here just a quick drive through to see what it was like, I would say that it was exactly like a little town that you would expect to see in Spain.

An interesting fact about Llivia is that it has one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. That pharmacy is now in a museum still situated in the centre of Llivia and you can still see all of the original contents of the pharmacy within the museum.

(With me having worked in a pharmacy, I happened to love this fact and couldn’t resist driving past – with us having the dogs I unfortunately couldnt go in).

So we drove out of Spain and went back into France, driving further out of the mountains and moving closer to the coast.


By late afternoon, we hadn’t done much walking out of the car, so we stopped off at Perpignan. We will say this a lot but be a confident driver if you want to venture into Europe, especially the cities. So far it hadn’t been too bad but it will be a shock to how they drive. We find that they don’t have as much courtesy on the roads to what we have in Britain and if they want to get somewhere they will!

We parked up at a car park close to the centre of Perpignan and off we went. It was a lovely place to visit and has a lot of history behind it. We walked through its parks, which had beautiful fountain displays and made our way to the squares. It had lovely side streets which you could venture down and there was never a place that you couldn’t stop and have a drink.

Our two boys seemed to like it too, with plenty of water points and fountains they could attempt to walk through.


After our walk, we got back into the car and off to our next destination..but wait, I nearly forgot something – no rugby league girl can go to Perpignan and not see the only Super League stadium outside of Britain, which is home to Catalan Dragons.

Yes apart from it being twinned with Lancaster, they are also home to Catalan Dragons which is the only French team to play in the Super League (for those who aren’t fans 1.why not and 2.Super League is made up of all English teams except for Catalan Dragons).

So we made our way to the stadium, and after the sat nav not knowing where it was, we found it 🙂 and I was one happy girl.


Our next task was to find a place to stop for the night. Now France is normally very good at this so don’t let this put you off but there was NOWHERE at all we could stop! It was getting late and very dark so our best bet was to carry on driving and hope we found somewhere (this is a downside to not having places planned in advance, especially when hungry and tired).

We ended up getting to Montpellier, this may not be the best guide to Montpellier so I do apologise in advance. Let me explain about how I work, if i don’t like a place (or anything for that matter) when I first see it, then there is very rarely any turning back. I admit this is a very bad trait, and I do try to give things a second chance, but it just doesn’t really work out. So back to Montpellier – we started to drive in and straight away I didn’t like it and wanted to turn around. I don’t know why, it may have been because it was dark but the streets we were going down didn’t appeal to me at all. Now dont get me wrong, we drove through the centre (and after a diversion) we literally went through the main streets and it was full of life with crowds at every bar and fast food joints. So if you want a good night out it seemed like the place to be, obviously we cannot do this with two dogs so we drove straight through and never looked back.

We knew our next stop was Marseille,so we made our way there. At this stage we were tired so we jumped on the motorway and stopped off at a very convenient service station just outside of Marseille.

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on October 5th 2016

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