Is Switzerland as expensive as you are told? 

In a nutshell – yes! But it’s not all bad, somethings are just the same price. 


They have a range of supermarkets in Switzerland, the main ones being Coop and Migro. They do also have an Aldi and Lidl. 

If you want to have a cheaper meal, I would say getting the ingredients rather than taking out would be a lot cheaper, even if it’s just a sandwich (at one place we paid for a cheese and ham sandwich). 

Saying that, if you want to go cheaper I would find an Aldi or Lidl. Coop and Migro are good and have variety but you will be paying Switzerland prices, so if you go to Aldi or lidl you will be paying more than usual but a lot cheaper than any alternatives. 

Service stations 

The good news is that unlike Britain and other countries, Switzerland service stations seems to be the same price as the rest of Switzerland. They have a lot of coops and marché restaurants, along with fast food places at some. The petrol stations seem to be higher priced, so stick to the supermarket part of the service station. 

In terms of using the toilet, some charge chf 1/€1 to use the facilities. However this is not the same for them all as some are free. It is difficult to know what are free and what aren’t as there doesn’t seem to be a pattern, so just watch out. We have noticed that the petrol stations seem to have free toilets attached to them. 

Tourist areas 

When you think of tourist areas, you dread seeing the price of anything and you can imagine you dread it even more in Switzerland. However you don’t have to worry too much! When you have got over the shock of Switzerland prices, that’s all you need to worry about – it doesn’t seem to increase further when you hit a tourist area. Just save your pennies before visiting the country.

Food chains 

This is when you notice the difference in price! My advice is if you want to eat somewhere, make sure they have some sort of deal and go for it! We went to a very popular Fast food chain (which we have visited ALOT so far in our journey) and it was double the price! Now don’t get me wrong depending on where you are travelling from you have to take in to account the conversion rate unfortunately when we went that wasn’t so great for us. It still made it more expensive than you would normally be paying so our advice would be to either pick a good deal or go for something local.

Local food seemed to be cheaper, it would still be higher than normal but this local food you wouldn’t be tasting again, but fast food you can get anywhere around the world. 

The very first line summed it up -Switzerland we found more expensive than other European countries so out best advice would be to not underestimate the amount of money you will need to take with you when visiting this beautiful, yet expensive country. 


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