Costa Blanca by day, Valencia by night 

Right, we have stopped messing around now and have left for real! 

After a good nights sleep in a nice comfy house (though on an air bed), we got the boys in the car and said our goodbyes. And that was it, off we went.

As you will hear a lot from us, we headed to the coast because, to us, there is nothing more beautiful (plus we are always on the lookout for dog friendly beaches, FYI there isn’t many in Spain 😩).

The first major stop we hit was Alcante.

As with many cities Alcante is known by two different names – Alcante being Spanish and Alacant being the Valencian name. Both of these names are official names for the city.

We had a quick walk along the sea front, there was nothing but glorious sandy beaches. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long – our boys love the beach and the way they look out at the ocean is just heartbreaking knowing we can’t let them off. We did drive through Alcante to see what it was like and it was a nice looking city, but we all know it’s known for its night life (which we obviously can’t do with two dogs).

Next stop was Benidorm and after an argument about my sense of direction (and yes for once Simon was right, I could get lost in a straight line) we started our route through the Costa Blanca. Now the Costa Blanca is very much like the Costa del sol, it’s very built up in all the towns and carry the same theme (nothing wrong with this if you want a British holiday in the sun), but it was lovely to see and had some beautiful views.

So we arrived in Benidorm and everything you hear about it is true! Ever watched the show Benidorm? I haven’t but I can imagine this is what it’s like – people shirtless on scooters and a pub in every corner (I will say this again I mean no offence just my observations).

My brother (and mum) are fans of the show Benidorm and after finding out they actually film at a hotel in Benidorm, we couldn’t resist going. So after going around Benidorm for quite a while, we finally found it tucked away among the other hotels.

A picture was taken and off we went! 

The rest of the evening we made our way to Valencia. At this stage, we are still getting used to timings, so we haven’t been doing an awful lot of cooking because, by the time we get hungry, it’s already dark and we can’t cook, so it was a Dominoes night tonight (I’m sorry we will get better I promise)!

We hit Valencia that late evening and decided to take a drive through the city. It was a lovely atmosphere driving around at night, you always felt safe (which I find a plus in a city) and there was just enough hustle and bustle to tell you the city was still awake.

After our drive we went to a service station and off to sleep we went. Every night is better and better with everyone now having a space in the car. Service stations are great because generally they have nice toilets and if your lucky a shower to use.

7am  and we were awake (7am is now our new time to wake up which is later than we would get up if working but early enough to make most of the day!), a little drive to Valencia and then we parked up.

Valencia once had a river running through it but after it flooded they re-directed to go around the city. Now the old river bed had been converted into a lovely park

We walked along the riverbed park and I have to say the boys enjoyed it there too as there was plenty of room for them to roam (still on leads as Europe seem to be quite strict on this) and they loved the attention from other dogs (though not many people were sure on our boys as there only used to small dogs). We couldn’t walk the full route as it was 9km long and it was starting to get very hot. If you did want to walk the full route then there are plenty of places to stop and have a drink (or water points if your being good), just to have a sit down. Though if you feel like a bit of exercise there are outdoor gym points.

After our morning walk we left the park and took a slow walk back to the car and took in the sights of Valencia.

Valencia is a beautiful city but we have to say there is so much to do that unfortunately we cannot do with dogs.

So our advise is if you have dogs leave them with someone you trust or in a posh kennels and go for a weekend break to Valencia. If you haven’t got dogs – what are you waiting for?!

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on October 2nd 2016

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