Rheinfalls – the largest waterfall in Europe 

Our last day in Switzerland and we wanted to make it a good one, so what better than to see the largest waterfall in Europe. 

Rheinfalls is in northern Switzerland, not far from the German border, and was formed during the last ice age and is one of the beautiful sights of Switzerland. There is plenty of parking for Rheinfalls itself but you can only pay for a day ticket, which is great value for money if you are going to take full advantage of the area. We on the other hand were only going to spend a few hours there so we parked up in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, which is a five minute walk from the waterfall.

All four of us took a walk towards the waterfall and walked around it. Walking around it was a peaceful and beautiful walk, it was early in the morning so all you could see is the waterfall and hear the sound of the water bouncing of the rocks. Walking around is the perfect way to see the views as it looks different from every angle you see it. You can get close enough that the water will spray all around you, which the boys especially loved, that much they wanted to jump in.

Apart from the amazing views, there is much that you can do that could keep you busy for hours. When we got there we didn’t realise we could actually take a tour to a platform on the fall itself, to see the wonderful views it has to offer.

Wörth castle

The castle is situated right on Rheinfall and gives you beautiful views of the surrounding area. As well as the history of the fall it has its own history throughout the years and has now been turned into a restaurant so you can sit down and take the views in.

There is plenty of packages (http://www.rheinfall.ch/en/) that you can do here and we would love to come back some day and experience the falls on the water, to get a real feel of the history and how it was created.

There isn’t much more I can say about this and can only show you the images we managed to take and tell you that no photo does it justice, and only by seeing it in person can you then get a real feel of this waterfall.

Our morning was now over and I would say this was the perfect way to end our visit of Switzerland. It may have been expensive but it is a beautiful country and hopefully one day we will have more money to appreciate it even more. Now its off to the country we have been leading up to – the birth place of Simon and the country I can officially start christmas!



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