When visiting Bern, you should take a day out to see lake Thun 

After leaving Geneva, our next stop would be the capital of switzerland – the city of bern, but we needed somewhere to visit inbetween. 

Lake thun used to be one lake combined with lake brienz, we had already visited this lake so it was only fitting we saw the other lake too. This lake you can drive around with stopping points to take advantage of the views . We saw lake thun but that was just a stopping point to then visit the small city of thun to which the lake is named after.

We arrived in thun in the late afternoon and decided to park up and have a walk around. There is plenty of parking garages and they also have on street parking in the centre to park at. Normally we go for garages as they tend to be safer and easily accessible but today we decided to park directly on the main shopping street. The way this works is you pay for the specific parking number you have parked at and that space is covered for the time period you have paid for. In this case, someone had left our space early so we got longer than we had paid for.

Soon as we walked into the streets of thun we liked it, it reminded us of the small town we used to love in cheshire – Nantwich. It had small streets with little unique shops that you wouldnt be able to find anywhere else, and if you wanted to do some other shopping they still have the usual high streets shops too. It is an old town with small cobbled streets with shops layering above each other like a cake.

Seeing this city in the early evening whilst having a winterly cold wind, gave it a magical touch and made it a special city that we would love to visit again in the future.

Main sights to see

Lake thun 

Having already explained lake thun, it is easy to know why you should visit this lake. Named after the city, visiting the town without the lake is near impossible. Take some time out at the lake to get in touch with nature or go for a stroll with the dogs, whichever this lake won’t disappoint.

Thun castle 

Being above the city, you can’t miss the castle lurking above with its great medieval style. The castle is open to the public to visit the nearly untouched dungeon and see some of the great medieval architecture that europe has to offer. It also gives you views of the alps, along with the lake and the city of thun.

Old town 

Speaking of the cobbled streets and old shops, all are situated in the old town. We have a love of any old town we visit as it gives you a real insight into what the city used to be when it was formed, so we have nothing but good things to say.

Along with the shops you have a good amount of restaurants and cafes you can visit, giving you beautiful views of the city. A good place to look for these is along the river that runs through the city.

Within the old town there is also a beautiful covered old bridge, similar to the famous chapel bridge in Lucerne on a much smaller scale, but just as beautiful. It was great to see a bridge like this that wasn’t surrounded by all the tourism that attracts people to lucerne, this gave it a real feel of history and purpose for the town.

City hall square 

The city hall square is within the old town and of course is home to the town hall of Thun. The town hall constructed in the 16th century is beautiful and fits with the square perfectly, with all of the styling the white buildings with stone red windows frames to make them stand out. From this square you can see the castle of thun sitting directly above in the distance.

Our evening was almost over so after our gentle walk, we decided to call it a day and settled to get some rest. Tomorrow it was time to see the capital of Switzerland……..



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