A day trip to Granada 

Our first trip without the dogs (and probably the last)

When we headed to Spain, we wanted to just relax for a while but that didn’t last too long. Once we had recovered (and caught up on Supernatural), we were itching to go out, even if it was just for a couple of hours.

Having been to Granada before, we knew it was a lovely city so we took a trip out. The weather was glorious so we spent a few hours walking around the city. We parked up in an underground parking close to the centre (this is not the cheapest option but it is the best if you don’t want your car to be an oven when you get back). I love just walking around cities – it’s the best way to really get the feel of what it is like and you can weave in and out of the streets to see what they have to offer. In Granada, they offer a lot of boutique and individual shops that you can find that something special. They also have a decent sized market to visit aswell, which is again a lovely part of the city to view. We like to see both sides of a shopping district so we walked the very good high streets aswell.

Aswell as shopping, you have so much history around every corner, so we found ourselves just walking and walking (if you are to do this I would suggest getting a water bottle and keep it topped up).

We then got a little peckish and if anything there are too many options! When we finally decided what we wanted, we sat at a lovely little restaurant (outside of course, you rarely sit inside in Spain and who blames them). We did our very best to speak Spanish, which I think they appreciated even if we weren’t very good. For lunch we had two cold drinks and pizza (I know we are not in Italy yet but pizza is always good). We then walked around the city a little more and then headed back to the car.

There is one thing we missed out in Granada and that’s the Alhambra. With us being in Spain during the hotter months it was far too hot to appreciate the beauty of the architecture – when we come back for Christmas we are going to take another trip into Granada.


*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on September 28th 2016

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