Our quick tour around Britain first! 

We packed everything up and had a few days spare so why not see some of the sights of Britain first! 

Stratford upon Avon 

From 12pm on Monday the 29th of August, everything we owned was in the car and we had handed the keys over to the landlord. We were officially homeless!

We were sat in the car and thinking “we have three full days until our train leaves from Britain so where shall we go?” It was a lovely day so we decided to make our way to Stratford upon Avon. Me nor Simon had ever been, and with it being the birth place of Shakespeare himself, it couldn’t get more British. So off we went! We arrived in Stratford upon Avon and we realised our first mistake……we didn’t check if there were any events going on in the area. And there was! A big festival with stalls and stalls of food and little boutique places to buy individual items from. You may ask why this is a bad thing? Well normally I would love this but with a German wire-haired pointer (gwp) who looks the size of a horse,but still acts like a puppy, this was not going to end well! He loves humans and all animals alike, which is great, but when they don’t like him back and he goes to jump on them to say hi, it turns a little bit awkward. We parked up and hoped that he would do well, and he did…..for about 5 mins! Then we walked down the street and he wanted to say hi to everyone he passed (and that was a lot of people on a very narrow street). So Stratford upon Avon was lovely!! But we would say – don’t go when you have a very excitable puppy when there is a festival on!

So we left Stratford upon Avon and made our way to Stonehenge!

At this point we had no plans on where or how we were going to sleep…again this was another learning curve (we have since got better!). We tried to get to sleep in the car, so we parked at a service station and got “comfy”. This didn’t last long, between us not being able to sleep and Monty not knowing what was going on so wouldn’t settle, it was turning into a long night. 😩

Luckily the service station had a hotel! (With what seemed to be the comfiest bed ever!) Now we won’t go into a rant of how we had to book online as apparently there was no rooms unless there website says otherwise (they got a strong worded email about this trust me!), got a room and went to sleep.


We woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for the next day! We made our way to Stonehenge. With a little bit of research, I will warn you that to actually go to Stonehenge1: you won’t actually be that close and 2: you can’t take dogs! 
So instead we found a lovely walk surrounding the area of Stonehenge. We parked up next to a little known place called Woodhenge. Now I’m not sure whether it’s just me but I never heard of this place and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a lot smaller than Stonehenge (and yes given the name it is made out of wood) but you can actually go up to it and see it close up, and the history around it is fascinating (I won’t bore you with the history you can look that up yourself).

From there we took a walk towards Stonehenge. This walk is a nice, easy but long, it’s mainly flat but there and back we walked about 7 miles (according to my Fitbit). I would definatley recommend taking water (especially if your taking the dogs) and maybe some snacks to keep you going. But it is worth it. You see some lovely views of Stonehenge and you see some bits you wouldn’t see if you went straight to the site itself, including a path which used to be an old WW1 railway track. We went early so Parking was easy but when we got back, there were cars everywhere so be warned.

We finished this walk by midday, so from there we made the journey from Stonehenge to Cornwall.


A lot of people may wonder why Cornwall? Well this is where Simon had his childhood family holidays (to which I was lucky enough to experience a couple of times), and we hadn’t been back for a few years, so before we left the country we thought it would be a nice place to visit. So we drove all the way to Portscatho.

We got there late afternoon and the sun was still shining (one of the reasons why I love summer, the sun stays out so much longer), everyone is starting to pack up for the day, so perfect timing for us to take the dogs to the beach! Now our dogs love water and sometimes a little too much! Soon as we hit the ocean front, the boys heads were out of the windows ready to breathe in the fresh air. We got them out of the car and they took us to the beach (Oscar spent many a day here before he became our dog so he knew the way to go). If you have dogs the best thing you can do is take them to water (well for our boys it is anyway). So after they spent a while running the length of the beach, eating seaweed and playing in the water, we took them back to the car for a well earned rest. Now all I can say is when your in Cornwall, you have to get a fish and chips, so that’s what we did and it was amazing! After dinner we had a lovely walk around the village and then spent the evening driving looking at the sites at night (there is nothing better than snuggling up with a throw with the window open taking in the gorgeous sites of Britain and I do this a lot).

It was a better night and we found a very large layby and settled for the night (still not the best nights sleep but it’s getting better!)

The next morning we drove to St Mawes, as we were told they had the best pasties in Cornwall, and they were right! We got there first thing (they were straight out of the oven) and that big, mine lasted most of the day!

Tonight was the night we were getting the tunnel, off to Folkestone we go (not without a diversion to the white cliffs of Dover first).


When we first started the trip, we wanted to get the ferry so we could see the beautiful views of the white cliffs of Dover. Unfortunatley it wasn’t the best option for the dogs, as it would involve us leaving our boys in the car on there own (that wouldn’t have ended well for anyone). Luckily Dover isn’t that far from Folkestone, so with an early morning train,  we went to Dover first. And again this is something I would recommend to anybody! We went for the sunset and it was one of the beautiful views you can see. We then got a dominoes (it was our last meal in Britain we couldn’t say no). Then on to Folkestone.

Getting the tunnel 

So after a few hours kip, we made our way to check in. It was midnight and the cool air of Britain had kicked in. We checked in and parked up, and all I would say is anyone with dogs wanting to go to France (or anywhere in Europe) take the tunnel! The facilities were great before you enter the tunnel. They are given an area where they can do there business and let out of a bit of energy. This was fully equipped with an agility course and they provide you with water and poo bags. Our boys loved it and certainly slept in the car afterwards.

We then jumped on the train and there was no turning back now………..

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on September 23rd 2016

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