Geneva and the flower clock

We saw within just a couple of hours, Geneva in the sunshine and in the rain, but the rain didn’t dampen our day in the city. 

Cathédrale St-Pierre

This is one of the main sights of Geneva and shows the history of the city wihin the cathredral. Just like many of the cathedrals we have seen, it is an impressive one with such beautiful detail.

The cathedral is in the old town of the city and this is worth walking around. It is full of antique shops that you can just walk around and appreciate the old style shops that it contains. With the small cobbled streets that head up to the cathedral, it is easy to get lost within the old city – but enjoy it and don’t worry, be care free when doing it and you may just stumble onto a hidden treasure within the city.

Jet d’Eau

This is a impressive fountain which pumps water 140m into the air. It is situated just off the waterfront and was there for a practical purpose which was left due to its popularity. It is not on all the time but goes off in the day on the hour – I mention this as we missed it when it went off, and would not want anyone else to miss this famous feature of Geneva (maybe if anyone sees it they can show us what it looks like!)

 As well as walking around the old town, we also walked the high street which contains the biggest brands with the more high end shops, which are situtaed just across from the lake.
The cityscape from the lake was a beautful one, seeing the style of buildings which you can instantly recognise as french style. Seeing some of the buildings in the swiss style gave it a refreshing feel and reminded you that you are in switzerland.

Ironically our last sight in geneva was the Jardin Anglais, remembering this from french this is named the english garden, so for it to start raining as we entered the garden could be nothing but fitting. The gardens are within the main city centre but you would never guess, with the green grass, budding flowers and the views of the lake, it was the most peaceful place within Geneva. Within the gardens is a clock made out of flowers! It is something you have to look at, something that is very understated, yet pretty, it fits in well within the landscape of the park.

Lake Geneva

Having the same name as the city, you can imagine the city is situated just on the lake itself, so walking around the city also gives you great views of the lake. Don’t just do that though, take a day out to see the lake itself as it is a truly wonderful one. Before we went to Geneva, we spent a day parked up, literally on the lake, just enjoying the views. At this point we were on the other side which meant we got views of Geneva and even of France. These are the best days, as we could just see nature in the best place you can – in nature! Watching the ducks and swans coming on and off land thorugh the day, finding food, and taking shelter when it rained was beautiful, and when it comes to travelling I can only say that these are the days that you remember over all other days. Also I think its important to take a day out and relax, sometimes your brain needs a rest and it can see TOO many sights that it starts to forget or be exaustaed from it. Lake Geneva definitely got us ready to carry on in our travelling and gave us the energy to enjoy it. 


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