The day we didn’t see the Matterhorn 

When travelling your bound to have bad days, this was a bad day……..

When planning Switzerland, this was one of the places we wanted to see the most. When seeing pictures of Switzerland you tend to see this mountain overshadowing the town below it. We had planned for days when was best to go as you can’t actually drive to the town of Zermatt, so the day would involve a 3 mile walk to and from the town, in hope to see the mountain. 

The day started off like any other, we woke up took the boys for a quick walk whilst we got ready for the day ahead. We picked this cold Saturday as it was, believe it or not with a high of 5 degrees, the hottest day for the next week. We got our layers on and we started to drive to the nearest town we could drive too, Täsch. 

We should have known straight away that it was destined to be a bad day when the quickest way through was a mountain pass, which was shut due to what we can only presume was bad weather. That’s fine – we had the option of driving all the way round which was over 100 miles and involved crossing the border to Italy, or we could pay to get the car train through the mountain. 33 francs later and we got the car train. 

This was a nice journey – we could travel a different way than usual and Simon could relax for a little while whilst on the train. 

After making it through the mountain we carried on our journey to Täsch. After a short drive we made it and parked up. 

This is when the problems really started………

We got everything ready and went to the boot to get the boys out of the car…..then we realised we had no leads! 

When packing up the car in the morning, we had put the leads down outside the car and didn’t pick them back up! 

So we had a three mile walk with two dogs with no leads, so we checked the town we parked at to see whether they had any shops with leads. And no they didn’t! 

They said the nearest shop would be back a couple of towns the way we came or in Zermatt, the town we couldn’t drive too. 

So what do we do? We can’t leave the boys! So we make a makeshift lead out of a double chain and my strap on my bag. We tie both dogs to it and consider our next option. 

There is a shuttle that you can get to zermatt and they allow dogs so we decide that is going to be the easiest option as having both dogs on one lead is going end is disaster. 

So we paid 24 chf to get the shuttle one way in hope we would get new leads in zermatt and try and recover the rest of the day. (You pay for adults and they charge a child price for dogs) 

Our hopes were dampened but kept our hopes up and enjoyed another different way of travelling. The train was nice and once the boys realised they were moving they settled. 

After a short journey we got off the train and stopped at the train station so we could search for the nearest pet shop to get a lead. This was all well and good until Monty, the excited puppy that he is, decided he wanted to say hi to the dog that was in the middle of the train station. He pulled so hard the makeshift lead snapped and he ran towards the dog dragging Oscar along with him. 

To everyone else this I’m sure would have been amusing as we tried to chase the dogs around. We know Monty is as friendly as a dog can come, but others are off put by his size and don’t always realise he is one. He got what he wanted and said hi to the dog, much to the owners dislike (unfortunately not all dogs owners are friendly, and didn’t seem to help in the struggle just to move his dog away and carry on).

So now we have no leads, just a chain attaching the boys together. Simon went off to find a shop that sells leads to be told there are no pet shops (as we were previously told!).

Luckily there was a hardware store that stocked leads! That’s great if it hadn’t shut 5 mins ago for lunch! Really how much back luck can we get in one day! 

Luckily they saw we needed it and let us buy a lead….

Finally back on track we can start looking around zermatt properly and see the mountain. 

Yes from the title it gets worse……we turn the corner after knowing this is where the mountain is viewed from to see….cloud! Just cloud, a thick grey snow cloud that wasn’t leaving anytime soon covering the mountain everyone wants to see! 


Trying to make ourselves feel better we tried to think we didn’t just come to see the Matterhorn and we walked around the town. 

The town itself is nice, with the old wooden style mountain houses lining up towards the mountains, it was in itself a beautiful view. 

The problem I found is that it is a little touristy – I prefer towns that are small and how they used to be, not souviner stores on every corner and people walked around with suitcases trying to get to the many hotels. 

So after a day of loosing the leads, paying to get to the town, paying to get the shuttle to not see the Matterhorn, our spirits were down and we just wanted to get back to the car and have food. 

We gave in and had a McDonald’s as this would be the cheapest (though not the healthiest option) and decided to get the shuttle back to save time and call it a day. 

Luckily when we bought another single, we found out that a return ticket is the same price and you save no money whatsoever, that made us feel slightly better about not making this decision sooner. 

So after a not so long day we got to the car and found a place to park up for the night.

Oh and before the night had finished as we walked our boys, Monty pulled me over in a comedy sketch style through some wet leaves and I hit every body part on the way down. So all we wanted to do is sleep and we had to stay up for another two hours as I had hit my head….

….it’s safe to say this day we would wipe clean and hopefully the next day would bring something better….so people who see us travelling it’s safe to say, it isn’t all not working and seeing nice views 😂🙈😩 


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