Our mini holiday before an adventure 

Well who wouldn’t want to relax before spending a year travelling in a car? 

When we first started our trip, our first destination was easy. With all the stress of trying to sell everything, finishing work and letting it sink in to what we are going to do, we thought we might aswell go on holiday first!

Everyone speaks to us and says “enjoy your “holiday“”, but we don’t count this as a holiday, we count it as a journey. Mainly because there isn’t going to be much relaxing and who goes on holiday for a year!!

So anyway rant over 🙈 but with Simons dad and step-mum living out in Spain, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to visit family, plan our route and do it all while relaxing by the pool. ☀️

So we packed everything in the car and off we went. After spending a few days in Britain (see previous blog), we got the tunnel across to Calais. Now the next few days are boring so I won’t explain all of that, all you need to know is that it involved driving from Calais to Mures with very little sleep and a lot of coffee!! But we made it to Spain! The next few days after that just involved eating and sleeping, then we just spent time relaxing and planning more of our trip. I’m telling you it’s so much easier to plan a journey when your next to the pool! Don’t get me wrong we spent days inside the house binge watching TV (I had to catch up on Supernatural!)

After we recovered from the coffee binge, we did venture into the big wide world and took a few trips out – once without the dogs (don’t worry these will feature in further posts).

As long as your not a fussy eater, like me, the best part of being in this area of Spain is the tapas! Oh and there’s something I forgot to mention, it’s free! (As long as you buy a drink ofc). This means you can buy a couple of drinks and basically get lunch free.

So after two weeks of sun, the pool and a comfy bed, we packed up the car once more (for the fourth time since we had left) and away we went!

This is where the real journey begins…..

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on September 14th 2016

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