How to sell everything you own 

Out of all the decisions we had to make, choosing what we needed to keep and what to sell was the hardest decision! 

When we first made the decision we would be travelling, the next step would be to decide what to do with the house and everything in it. With the house being rented that was an easy step – to give our notice in to our landlord. Now we have a house full of stuff and nowhere to put it. So what to do?

The first thing I did was to categorise everything! Some things are personal and you don’t want to get rid of them. There are also nice unique items that I didn’t want to throw and I would never get the value I paid for. These are some of the things I could never get rid of;

Emma bridgewater 

For people who don’t know, Emma bridgewater is a pottery brand. They are based in the town known for pottery, Stoke on Trent. I saw one piece of pottery and fell in love! There are so many different styles and I started to collect various ones. Let me tell you the amount of mugs I got was ridiculous that some are never used! Of course none of this was going so into storage it goes.


I am Disney mad! Everyone who knows me knows that I couldn’t live without a little bit of Disney in my life, so there was no way any of it was going. Everything from teddies to mugs, it’s a gone into storage.


I love baking and cooking so I had a lot of products in my kitchen, not all of it could stay unfortunately, but some of my special products stayed. I mean when I come back, I am wanting to be able to bake the perfect the macaroon don’t I 😉

Personalised items

This goes without saying – if you have anything that was made for you or bought as a gift needs to go into storage.

Selling the stuff you don’t want

Everything else had to go! There just wasn’t enough room in storage to put everything. So how do you get rid of it?

Family and friends 

The first place we went to was to our family and friends. This would make life a lot easier and you knew that it was going to a good place (we hope anyway)

I would definatley suggest to do it this way first but don’t give the impression your going to be giving to friends for a lower price. Make it known from the begginning (after all, this money is your only source of income for as long as your not working). With it being family and friends, you know they are going to be realiable, and there is more flexibility around organising a time and date to pick the item up (trust me this becomes a god send when your life is consumed with selling, selling, and more selling).

Other sources
Apart from your friends and family, the next best thing is to reach out to the local area. So our first thought was a car boot sale. A car boot sale was a great way to sell your little bits that no one would buy online, but I will warn you, people don’t want to pay what you charge so be prepared to take a cut if you really want to sell it. We didn’t do this and some things ended up being given to charity (don’t get me wrong this is a great cause and I don’t regret it, but if you want to get more money your better of getting a little bit rather that none).

Apart from a car boot, everything we owned went on Facebook. We joined all the local pages for selling your belongings in the area. This was great – it widened our horizons to who you could sell too, and there local so no postal charges either. Again I will warn you that people are on these pages to get a bargain, and even though you maybe selling your items at a low price, it won’t stop people bargaining down even further. As long as you have the time and faculties to drop your items off, or wait for them to be collected, this works great and I would recommend it.

If we had more time to sell everything, we may have looked at other avenues such as Amazon and eBay, and this way we may have got the prices we wanted. However when you are impulsive like us, these are the best ways of getting rid of your stuff quickly.

All I can say is, even if your not planning on being as crazy as we are and giving up everything, I would say organising and selling your own stuff is the best and most refreshing thing you can do. I think these days we are far too materialistic, and even though I have kept my most treasured items, getting rid of lots of clutter from our home was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

*Editors note – this has been edited to make it more accurate and was originally published on September 16th 2016

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