What about the dogs??

When me and Simon first thought of travelling, one of the first questions was – what about the dogs? 

As you can see from this website, me and my husband have two dogs. One is 10 years old and the other is 11 months! So in itself that is quite a challenge. Now we are throwing into the mix that they will no longer have a home and will come around Europe with us to take in all the smells and sounds around us.

So the first question we got when we told people we were travelling?

What are you doing with the dogs?

Now anyone that knows us, look at us everyday and see that we treat our dogs like children so it never came into our minds that we may not be able to take the dogs travelling with us.

Every dog is different so it is important to not only take this onboard but realise this works for our dogs. No one knows your dogs better than you so if you wanted to do something like this, it is essential to really work at the pros and cons or taking your pets travelling.

Our pros and cons list was easy


  •  They will get a lot more exercise
  •  They will not be on their own for long periods of time (if ever)
  •  There will be more time for us to train them (especially the pup!)
  •  They will be with us (and what could be better than that!)


  •  They will be in a car for longer periods of time
  •  They won’t have a stable pattern or routine
  •  It could be expensive if either of them got ill
  •  We can’t go everywhere we would want to go
  • They won’t have a regular pattern in terms of food (every country has different brands)

Now with everything, I see a cons list as excuses to why you shouldn’t do anything. Even if there are more cons than pros, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. This is just a challenge and if it is meant to be then you will find a solution and work it out.

Ours was an easy one 
There was never no worry that our dogs would get car sick – Oscar has travelled in a car a lot and even done a car journey to Spain. And as for Monty, his very first journey at 9 weeks old was a long one from Scotland to sunny old Cheshire.

In terms of routine, both of our boys are used to our hectic lifestyle and are very good at settling quickly into new situations.

People always worry about dogs getting ill and how much it is going to cost. It is a worry everyone has, no matter where you are in the world. Never let this stop you. Instead just have a look at the best options, whether it be research of the breed or taking out pet insurance for your dog, just as long as it is the best decision for you and your dog.
So once we decided we could take them with us we then had to check the legal boundaries of taking them out of the U.K. I’m sure it changes vet to vet but mine was great! They booked us in and told us everything we needed to know (we already knew most of it as we had checked the gov website on taking pets abroad beforehand). The boys then had their vaccinations and the passports were issued. For us it was that easy (it’s important to check for infections and diseases for dogs in the country you are travelling to)

So with all the information we were given, and our own research, we were ready to take the boys with us. There maybe a few sacrifices to where we can go when abroad, and a few stressful times, but the memories and laughter we will have with our boys will overcome any doubts we may have had of taking them on our remarkable journey.

*Editors note – This post has been edited to look and sound even better. This was first published in September 2016

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