Love driving? The road to visit when driving through Switzerland is the Furka pass

You may question why a road gets a blog to itself, but believe it or not, there are many reasons to drive this road when visiting Switzerland, and this blog will tell you exactly why.

We drove through the pass during the late afternoon, so when we got halfway it was already dark. Doing this just weeks before it would close for the winter gave us a great insight into the conditions this pass can put you through, so the advice is all from our personal experience of driving it. Also we drove it in the evening and when we went to use it the next morning, it was closed, which really shows how it can shut and change your plans. It thankfully doesn’t mean you have to go all the way around, it just means you have to pay the extra money and go through a tunnel on a train, which means you don’t get to see the views.

The views 

Driving this route gives you many opportunities to see and take photos of the views, with many places on route to stop and take in where you are (weather permitting). If you pick a clear day, then it will be worth driving some of the tight bends to see them. Whether it be snowing or be in the sun, the mountains will show off their natural, if slightly dangerous, beauty.

Weather conditions 

When researching the pass you may see the photos that are sunny or covered in snow but it won’t always look so picturesque. Sometimes the weather maybe raining or misty, it can be even worse and experience blizzards without notice. This is why it is important to check the weather report before you plan this pass, it is also good to do this as they may close the road to a certain point when turning around is the only option. If visibility is low, take your time and be aware of other drivers on the road.

Car enthusiast?

For anybody who loves cars and driving, this road will be the highlight of your trip to Switzerland. The straight roads, the tight bends and the highs and lows on this roads gives you a varied and exciting drive. I do have to say though that you can enjoy this road, but I will be the one to nag now and tell you to do so safely. To enjoy the road means to get to the other end, so go slow and be aware of other drivers on the road, especially if the weather is bad (right that’s it now all done with the lecture).

It’s the only way 

When we were travelling Switzerland, this was the route it took us to get from one destination to another, so if it weren’t for these others reasons we would be coming this way anyway. If this is the case for you, make sure you again check to see whether it is open, if it isn’t then you could be adding mileage onto the journey or be paying more money to get a car train to take you through the tunnel.

The movies 

I’m sure if you like fast car chases and are a James bond fan, you will already know that this is the road that was used to film the famous Aston martin and Mustang car chase in the film Goldfinger. You may not be able to go the speed that they did, or be in the cars that they are in, yet it is still a great experience for any fan to drive the same route as 007 himself.

Guide to driving it

  • Don’t attempt to drive it at night – it will be closed.
  • Always check to see if it is open – the best way is to check the radio, online or the signs which will be up around the area.
  • Be aware they shut it in the winter and this can change depending on how bad the weather is.
  • They can shut it without warning if weather is bad and sudden.
  • Be sure to have all your car supplies and correct equipment for your car.
  • Be prepared for it to be closed when you get there, this is for your safety.
  • Take it slow, its not a race
  • Enjoy yourself and take in your surroundings.


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