From Eiger with love : Part one

Today was one of our busier days in Switzerland visiting 1 city, 1 town, 1 village, 1 lake and more than 12 mountains…

We started our day off in Lucerne, a city known for its wooden bridges. We parked up just on the outer circle of the old town so we could walk through, this way we got the feeling of walking into an old city.

This worked, as soon as we walked in all the buildings around you showed you instantly the history this place has.

Our first main sight was the Spreuer Bridge. This is a much smaller version of the chapel bridge which everyone knows about before visiting Lucerne.


This was a beautiful wooden bridge with stories being told along the timber above you as you walk. In the centre of the bridge you will also find a small chapel situated there.
Walking through the town was an easy and beautiful walk to do, we walked early in the morning so there wasn’t many people around us except for the workers setting up for the day.

We weaved in and out of all the streets to see what it had to offer. There was plenty of high street and individual shops to visit, but every building they were in seemed to be different and wonderful in there own way.

Lion monument

We walked to the other side of the centre to Löwenplatz, a small park within the city.

We couldn’t actually go in the park itself with the dogs but just at the begginning of the park stood the lion monument. This was built as a dedication to the hundreds of Swiss guards that died during the revolution.

It is a wonderful yet powerful carving into the wall and is set back into a small peaceful section of the park.

Once we walked around, it was time to make our way back to the car but not before getting a hot chocolate. We got it from a place called yobar and it was a beautiful hot chocolate. If you go to Lucerne I would definatley recommend this place!

Chapel Bridge and tower

To get back to the car we had to cross the oldest covered bridge in Europe. Much like the Spreuer Bridge, it was a wooden covered bridge though this one was a lot bigger. Unfortunately this isn’t the original bridge as a fire caused severe damage and most of it had to be rebuilt. All that being said, it was a very impressive bridge to walk across and has a tower in the centre of the bridge, along with a shop now situated in the middle.

Part two to follow……… 


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