Our first day in Switzerland and we were on top of the world! 

We entered Switzerland in the evening so we decided to stop off, get some rest, and see Switzerland in the fresh Autumn morning. 

Switzerland National park 

Even though Switzerland is a very rural country, it was surprising to hear they only have one national park. And of course we were going to take the opportunity to visit it. We were close by so we decided to do this first, so everything got packed up and we started our first day. 

It is a wonderful drive through the mountains and forest areas with plenty of walks to stop off and do. The good thing is they have plenty of parking that you can stop at any point and start a long or short walk, whatever your preference. 

This was all before we even hit the national park so we thought we had hit it lucky here to get some energy out of the boys. It is quite clearly signposted when you hit the national park so we found a parking spot and parked up. We got everything ready, and before we started we took a look at the map to see what direction we wanted to go in. It then came to our surprise that no dogs were allowed in the national park at all, not even on leads! 

Now this is our own fault for not checking before we actually arrived, but because it was outside and a national park, it just never came to mind that we wouldn’t be allowed dogs. I would say this is due to not wanting to disturb the wildlife, and we of course respected the decision and didn’t get them out of the car. 

This proves that you should always check the rules and guidelines to everywhere you visit, and we won’t be making that mistake again! 

Although we couldn’t walk it, we still got to enjoy some of the beauty when driving it so it wasn’t a complete waste of a journey. Plus like we have already mentioned, there are plenty of walks outside of the national park which have different rules, and you can have dogs on leads so anyone with any four legged friends can still see the surrounding beauty. 

St moritz 

Our next stop was the beauty of st moritz. The best description of this would be the colder much snowier version of Cannes, but hey, that’s just my opinion. 

St moritz had lots to see and do, from high end shopping, to winter sports by the lake. Today it would serve us a very good dog walk around the lake, whilst taking in the views of the towns landscape along the water. 

The lake itself is an impressive one, with perfect reflections bouncing off the perfectly clear water – it’s a lovely place to take a stroll. I would like to add aswell that the dogs loved this walk with plenty of ducks to sniff and water to try and dip their toes in. We walked the side of the lake that was opposite to the town so we could get a good views of the architecture as we walked along. 

The walk took us just over an hour to do about half, so walking the full lake would take a good couple of hours (that was with having a very excitable puppy running backwards and forwards!).

We would say this day had ups and downs, but overall we had a very pleasant first day in Switzerland and couldn’t wait to carry on the journey. 


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