A dogs opinion on Austria 

Don’t forget a puppies opinion too! 

Oscar: we would never forget about you Monty don’t worry. So today we have just left a country names Austria, I mean we have been to so many countries already, some days they say we have been to a different country but it’s been so small we haven’t noticed. 

Monty: I notice them alllll the time Oscar your just too busy being asleep. 

Oscar: anyway we are getting off topic here Monty – today we are talking about Austria. 

Monty: well Austria was smaller than Italy that’s for sure. 


Oscar: Monty I will let you start today – what did you notice most that was different about Austria? 

Monty: well I noticed lots!!! It smelt so different I could smell loads of animals but I don’t know what they are but I wanted to go and say hi!!!! 

Oh and we didn’t go to what are they called? Oh yes that’s right cities! We didn’t go to cities as much or they seemed smaller and more green anyway. Oh plus everyday we went to water though I wasn’t always allowed in, but we got to see hills and run around in parks a lot, like all the time! 

Oscar: that is very true. I liked Austrias cities a lot more than Italy as the sounds didn’t hurt my ears as much. 

The parks were very good and don’t forget about all the places we were let off our leads! It seemed to be an area just for canines as everyone who walked in had one. It was very good as I could stretch my legs and show Monty a thing or two…

Monty: excuse me! I’m bigger now so I know what I’m doing. 

Oscar: ok Monty, you know what your doing now. 

Dog friendly

Oscar: well so far everywhere we have been has been ok…well except for Spain, they don’t seem to like us, I don’t know why though. Austria was very nice and most people were very friendly to us and wanted to say hi….

Monty: everyone wants to say hi to me – all of the time! 

Oscar: anywayyyyy….yes I would say that Austria like dogs.

Yes or no for dogs 

Oscar: so Monty did you like Austria? 

Monty: I loved Austria! I loved the smells and running around in the long grass and picking up sticks to play with! I would love to go back! 

Oscar: I quite agree with you for once Monty, I too loved Austria and would love to stay there for a little while….though I would prefer a hot house with a fire as it got a little cold. 


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