Top five Lakes to visit in Austria 

When traveling Austria we saw a lot of lakes, some big, some small, so we decided to make a list of our top five to visit.                     

                       5. Faacker see 

Though this wasn’t a lake we could get out and walk by as it was restricted to people not living or staying on the lake, it was the first lake we saw in Austria so had to come in our top five. Plus, if you stayed on this lake it would be the perfect setting of relaxation, sports and enjoying the scenery around you. 


     4. Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee,                                                                       Wolfgangsee

We grouped these lakes together because we saw them all in one trip. This isn’t to say that you need to do the same we just had a lot of Austria to see!

Traunsee – this was the first lake of four so we came to a little town on the edge of the lake and parked up to see it up close. It was only a small town but was lovely to stretch our legs, we had a nice walk along the little promenade and evens saw the swans as they swam along side us (Monty was particularly interested in them). 

Attersee – this lake we saw as the sun set so it had a magical touch to it. You could hear the soft waves of the lake as the sun set and the cold air swept in. 

Mondsee – this lake was beautiful and had a road going round it so was lovely to see at all angles. As well as a road it had a walking path too so you could take a stroll. This is exactly what we did, there were plenty of parking stops to take along the lake so we stopped off and took a walk with our boys to enjoy the views. 

Wolfgangsee – this was like all the lakes in Austria – beautiful. We drove around this lake and stopped off at a beautiful parking place to have some lunch, whilst admiring the scenery around us. 

                        3. Worthersee

This lake was very early on in our visit, so one afternoon we decided to stop off and take a bit of a walk. We didn’t hit the lake straight away we went through a park first. The lake itself was beautiful and you can see it is a tourist trap in the summer. It had a promenade and a beach along side it where you could go in the water (dogs not permitted and we choose not too as a little cold this time of year) or just enjoy the scenery. Some of it was closed up but you can see on peak there are changing areas and shower point next to the beach. We carried on walking along the lake and then we turned off to go into the rest of the park that lay beside it. The park in itself was brilliant with there being something for everyone. It had beach chairs with a water fountain, gardens full of flowers, beach volleyball, plus giant chess sets you can use. The list goes on and on to what it has to offer but it’s safe to say anyone could find something to do at this lake and park.

        2. Plansee and heiterwanger see 

This was our last day in Austria so we wanted to leave on a positive note. Visiting these two connecting lakes did just that, the views alone were beautiful so we took the opportunity to park up and go for a walk. We parked at the plansee lake as there were plenty of stops right on the lake you could stop at (either end there were car parks you could pay for but there is nothing stopping you from parking at some of the designated stop off points for free). We stopped halfway around plansee and then walked through the woods along the lake until we hit the second lake. It was a nice relaxing walk with nothing but the sound of the lake and the few people you saw walking/running past. These routes are all signposted so you wouldn’t get lost whichever route you choose to do and it even tells you how long it will be, so you can judge which walk you are brave enough to do. 



This is without doubt our number one lake in Austria. The pictures and the comments you hear about this lake and town are all true, and you are not disappointed when you see it in person. 

We started the visit around the lake as we normally do by driving around and seeing what it has to offer. Being close to the town we started there first. It is a quiet little town with Austrian style buildings and ski slopes going up and down (at this stage we saw no snow though). Although quiet and small you can see the start of a tourist attraction that is starting to roll in so if you want to see it as it is now, I would suggest you do it quick. 

The one thing we loved about the lake was how unbuilt up it was, except for the towns scattered around there was nothing else in between. We could stop off at the many parking points take photos and take the boys for a walk on the many paths that shoot off into the Austrian mountains. 

We carried on around the lake and we found a stop off perfect for any dog who loves the water! You can clearly see in the summer it is full off people who want to cool down in the purest of lakes. It is an open area with several steps for you to go in, so we took the opportunity as no one was about to let the boys have a swim. 

It was a picturesque moment with the boys having a swim and with us being able to sit back and enjoy the views it was perfect…well until one of the boys I won’t mention names, Oscar, deciding he wanted to take himself for a walk along the lake. So after a mini scare of losing him for a couple of minutes, we jumped back in the car and continued to enjoy our views of the lake. 

Whichever lake you choose to visit in Austria, whether it be one from this list or any others, you will not be disappointed by the pure beauty which they seem to hold, so just sit back and enjoy………… 


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