Innsbruck – the home of Swarovski 

Being a big lover of all things Swarovski, this was a highlight for me visiting Innsbruck, and the only disappointment was not being able to go to the museum

We parked up like most other cities in Austria, in the centre without any problems. We parked just across from a park so we walked through to let the boys burn off some energy. 

It is an old city so like others the main sights, in exception being the castle, are in the old centre which is easy walkable. 

We entered through an old entrance of the city and down a small side street. The street was full of shops and cafes to get numerous souvenirs for your journey. If you carry on to the end, you then come to the open square where you will be able to see the beautiful buildings. Every building around you is different and is fascinating to just look at, numerous colours brighten up the streets around the square. You will notice one building in particular this sticks out, it has a gold roof at the top and slopes down. This roof is the Goldenes Dachl and was made when the emperor got married. It still today looks a bright gold, and attracts the eye to it as soon as you enter the square. 

When you turn around and look up you will see the City Tower that is high above all the other buildings in the square. It’s an impressive clock to see when you are walking around the city centre. 

We walked down the Main Street and towards the river so we could have a look at it from a distance, and this is when you get a real perspective on the style of buildings Austria have. 

Walking along the main shopping street and you will find a bright pink church tucked away amongst them called the Spitalskirche. It’s not something you expect so it puts a smile on your face as you are walking. 

Not in the immediate centre, but still walkable, is Innsbruck Cathedral. It is a smaller cathedral but like all churches and cathedrals it is a beautiful one. 

Once we had a walk around we then got back to the car to head to Ambras castle. As we drove up we stopped to get a good view from a distance. The castle is impressive and is well preserved one so is well worth a visit. 


So I may have mentioned already that they have a museum that we unfortunately couldn’t visit, but they also of course have a store in the centre. This also seconds as the best store I will visit for this company, the windows were full of various Swarovski designs and it was the best window display I have seen! 

Innsbruck is a beautiful city and we would love to visit it one day again, it is a perfect day trip out if you are in the area……


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