The hills are alive with the sound of Salzburg 

Despite the title, not everything in Salzburg is about the sound of music. If anything, this is the last thing you should see when visiting this wonderful historic city 

We arrived in Salzburg late in the evening so we decided to park up for the night and to see Salzburg in the morning to enjoy it properly. 

The next day we parked up just outside the city and near the Mirabell palace gardens. We hadn’t even hit the old centre yet and you could feel the elegance and history of the city. The gardens were well planned out, as the flowers would be shaped along the green grass, and the vines would be covering the archways above you. We took a slow walk through the park until we got to the other side and made our way across the river into the old town. 

If you are a fan of the sound of music, you need to visit this garden, as you will recognise it is where Julie Andrews filmed the iconic scene of do-re-mi song. 

Soon as you start making your way across the bridge, you can see from the baroque architecture that you have entered the old town, and it is confirmed when you pass through an archway onto another street at the other side. 

It is then that you feel like you have been transported back in time with the small narrow streets and the metal signs swinging above the shop doors. We took a walk down the streets of Salzburg just taking in the atmosphere around. 

We stopped off at a gingerbread shop, that makes gingerbread from honey (we can say this is the best gingerbread we have ever tasted) and only wish we had got more! If you go to Salzburg check this shop out, its named pirker. We couldn’t recommend it more. 

To see more details about this shop the website is…….
After stopping off for gingerbread, we walked towards the centre of the old town where we approached Salzburg cathedral. It was in a square and this served as the head of the sqaure with other buildings around. It quite clearly stood out as a magnificent building in the city. Mainly a white building it had incredible attention to detail that no camera could get a true reflection of. 

Near the cathedral you will find various other buildings that are worth a look at when walking around. It also has a work of art called the Sphaera. This is a huge gold sphere with a man stood on top. It is an interesting sight as it doesn’t look like anything in its surrounding. 

Getreidegasse and Mozarts Geburtshaus 

We carried on throughout the city weaving through the streets as we went admiring the baroque architecture as we went. 

On the way we passed a market and noticed a bretzel stand. We decided to yet indulge ourselves and buy a pizza style bretzel. I have to say it was amazing and was big enough to share (though Simon may disagree).
We left the best street till last – the Getreidegasse. It has kept the same style and many of the street signs follow the same theme, this makes it the perfect shopping experience as if you had gone back in time. What was nice is, even new shops that have gone down the street, have designed old signs for the shops. 

Be sure that when you are walking down this street that you don’t miss Mozarts birthplace. It is a house amoungst the other buildings on the street. You shouldn’t be able to miss it, it is a bright yellow colour and in gold writing states it is Mozarts house. You can go in and visit the house itself but just seeing it from the outside was fulfilling enough. 

You will see a lot of things around Salzburg and Austria itself, about Mozart and his achievements over his lifetime. It’s great to see how he is honoured and respected in his home country. 


This castle sits above the rest of the city and you can access it by the lift at the bottom of the city, or by walking. With us having the boys, we admired the castle from a distance, and with it being one of the largest medieval castles in Europe, you could see it quite clearly. It’s a glorious castle and looked well preserved over the years. A well worth visit when in the area. 

Overall we loved Salzburg and would love to come back again for a couple of days to explore more of the city and castle……


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