The underrated city of Austria – Graz 

Before we researched Austria, the only cities we knew were Vienna and Salzburg, but Graz should definatley be on your list to visit when going to Austria.

With Graz being the second largest city in Austria, we were both surprised that we hadn’t heard of it. So we did a quick research as we needed a couple of days before getting to our next destination. Walking around we realised we hadn’t given ourselves enough time and that a second trip will be needed to fully appreciate this city. 

                               Day one 


The first day we arrived, we decided to take the boys for a walk as it has been a long few days with lots of travelling and not an awful lot of exercise (in there eyes anyway). 

We wanted to take them away from the city so they could get a good run and burn off some energy. We found a huge park (when I say park I more mean woods) near one of the many universities Graz has to offer. We parked up and took a path and walked it. It was a great walk for the boys and for any fellow dog owners who may visit the area. It had many paths you could walk down that would go in and out of the woods. We even found an area that came off the main path that was a huge enclosed green area, so we let the boys off and they managed to stretch there legs. It was safe to say that we were already fans of Austria! 

It was a great walk and you can see other locals use this area to walk, jog, cycle, and even do some Nordic walking, so it is safe to say it is a popular spot to enjoy the wilderness in the centre of a city. 


                          Day two 

The second day we decided to take a walk into the old city centre. It was easy enough to find a parking spot and off we went. You can see as soon as you walk into the old town the Renaissance and baroque architecture that surrounds you. The buildings are beautifully built and are in fabulous condition, that it’s difficult not to look up whilst walking along the streets. 


We decided to take a walk from the old town to the castle. This is not an easy walk as the castle overlooks the city so you can imagine it goes up. You can pay for a lift if you like but as always with the boys, we decided to be good and walk. The first place we went to was the tunnels which went down before we went up! You can take a tours through the tunnels but there is a walkthrough you can go through to get from one side of the park to the other. It was an eerie but interesting walk to do as you could feel yourself going down and either side of you there would be further tunnels to go down. 

Once we went down it was time to go up! And we carried on going up until we reached the clock tower and the very top! The clock tower itself is impressive and then you turn around the see the views of Graz, and the sweating and panting is suddenly worth it. You can see all of the buildings so clear that you see the history surrounding the city. It was then we realised the scale and that we would need to come back again to really discover the city. 

This was a great walk and would take a day in itself to just see the castle. You can walk through the numerous gardens and woodlands and see the remains of what is left of the castle. After we made it to the very top we then needed to make our way back down. This was a lot easier and was shaded, so cooled us down for the rest of the walk. 


We finally made it back to the bottom and we had done a round circle back to the centre of Graz. We knew at this point we needed food and it wasn’t hard to find something. The one thing we have fell in love with is the food! And it’s so easy – you get a lot of the ‘fast food’ that are set up in little stalls (imagine the Christmas markets on a smaller scale all year round), around the town for you to choose. This made it super easy for us to get food and eat it at one of the many standing tables with the dogs. Today in Graz was when we had our first official Frankfurt in Austria. And it was delicious, it will be something we will be having again that’s for sure. 

After a couple of days in Graz it was time to make a move to our next destination. But I can safely say that this is an underrated city of Austria and would recommend anyone making a trip to Austria, to take a couple of days out and visit this beautiful city…….


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