When you realise your explaining a joke, it’s no longer a joke! 

On the road, we have to think of things like games or general conversation, to occupy you on the longer days of travelling.

Sometimes this can make you a bit crazy (in the fun sort of way) and you find things hilariously funny when you wouldn’t normally.

So one day when we started to see a little bit of snow on the mountain tops both me and Simon at the same time “there’s snow on the mountain!” From that we found it hilarious and took a video of it, it’s a shame no one else got it.

It’s not a direct quote but in the video we say;

Snow on the mountain, snow on the mountain. Thought you ought to know….

We then captioned the video with;

Winter is coming. 10 points to anyone that gets the movie reference.

So yes I can now see our blunder that we mixed in a game of throne quote in with the caption but it does also say ‘movie’, so we hoped people would get it.

Unfortunately no one did…….so let us explain.

In the very first movie of the famous franchise Harry Potter, there is a scene which a troll is let out of the dungeon and professor quirrel runs in a panicked voice says;

Troll in the dungeon, troll in the dungeon. Thought you ought to know….

…and then he dramatically faints.

See the resemblance? Yes we changed the word troll to snow and dungeon to mountain.

We thought this was a easy comparison but it just goes to show how crazy you do go when you sit next to the same person everyday travelling thousands of miles!

Hope this clears it up and you can find it amusing when you watch it this time……if you would like to watch the video here it is….



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