An introduction to Austria 

I thought I would do this blog to give people an idea on what to expect when I blog about our travels around Austria 

When you think of Austria what do you think? Sound of music? Rolling hills? Skiing? What ever it is, I think Austria is very underrated and not spoken about enough. 

Yes it has all of those things but it has a lot more, here are a few things that we will be going to see when we are in Austria. 

                       The views 

So yes one of the first things we think of is the views. No matter the time of year you will get beautiful views, whether it be the snow on top of the mountains, or the green grass on the rolling hills, you are bound to be in awe of the views Austria has to give. 


Austria maybe small but it has many lakes. We plan on going to as many lakes as possible to see which are the the best and which are the most dog friendly. 

                 The mountains

Austria is mostly made up of mountains, you won’t find much flat land when travelling through the country. The most well known mountains are the Alps so make a trip to visit, at least in part, some of these beautiful montain. 

                  The architecture 

Austria has some of the best architecture, with the old style wooden houses with wooden fires to keep you warm in the winter, to the baroque style buildings that you find mainly in the towns and cities. You will never be short of history and beauty when you look at Austrian buildings. 

             The home of Mozart 

Whether you know this or not, Mozart was born in Austria. Specifically Salzburg so be sure to visit his home when going through this historic city (Salzburg is also a must to visit when going to Austria).

                         The food 

When you think of the food, you think of the various types of sausages. Through lots of research we will be trying a different food everyday. From the savoury to sweet I have a feeling we will never be left hungry when driving through. 

                     The lifestyle  

Looking at the lifestyle, shops seem to be closed at reasonable times and weekends are for family’s. I couldn’t think of anything better so looking forward to experiencing this. 

More to follow on this blog and about Austria. In the meantime we are open to any questions and opinions on Austria…..


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