A dogs opinion on Italy 

We are here again – it’s a cold night so we will have to be quick on writing this one

Oscar: Evening again – now Monty do you remember the agreement? 

Monty: yes, no jumping and waking anyone up until this has finished. 

Oscar: good glad to hear it. So tonight we are going to tell all our fellow canines about Italy. Now obviously our fellow cousins the spinonies know about Italy but we all know they can be a little bias. 

The people 

Oscar: Monty first question is what were the people like? I personally think they were nice…

Monty: oh the people, the people were amazing, they were so friendly and they all wanted to say hi! People kept coming up to me to stroke and and they would point this square box at me….I don’t know what this is but I think it’s to let me know they want to say hi and I can lick there face! 

Oscar: now Monty you are young so that square box has been getting smaller over the years but it’s called a camera. It takes photos of you. 

Monty: so it wasn’t to ask me to lick there face? 

Oscar: I’m afraid not Monty, you must learn that humans don’t lick faces and don’t always want us canines to do it either. 

Monty: oh………..

Oscar: now let’s get back on topic – I agree that people in Italy seemed to like us especially a lot more than Spain anyway. Lots of people fussed us and they took pictures on the cameras. My favourite thing about Italy were the people. 


Oscar: well walks are always fun, always better when I can run around but as long as I’m outside I’m happy. In Italy I was mainly attached to my pawrent as we were in cities or towns. I enjoyed it but would love to be able to beat my little brother in a game of tag a few times whilst we were there. 

Monty: we always got to play tag and I always won.

Oscar: it doesn’t count when you have a longer lead than me and can run away Monty….it’s called cheating. 

Monty: well I think it’s using your advantage so I’m winning 56-5!!!! 

Oscar: anyway???? 

Monty: oh yes sorry walks!!! I love walks, now our pawrents are with us all the time we go outside a lot! But I can’t run as far as I would like and they stop me from chasing pigeons all the time for some reason! 

Oscar: yep hopefully we can run around soon and I can beat you at tag fairly…. 

Other animals 

Monty: oh animals there were lots of other animals! They had birds and they were big! Oh and I saw cats and other canines too!! I wasn’t always allowed to say hi or they got grumpy but it was fun to try! I don’t know why they get so grumpy I just want to play. 

Oscar: yes they had lot of animals, most of them nice but we stayed away from some. Monty hasn’t learned yet that canines without collars don’t live like us so we don’t jump in to say hi as they might be nervous. Also you can’t just chase birds though it is very fun to do it!! 

The verdict

Oscar: so Monty do you like Italy? 


Oscar: Monty? 

Monty: oh sorry what was that? Oh Italy, yes I liked Italy everywhere is amazing and everyone wanted to take photos of me!! 

Oscar: modest as always Monty I see, well I too enjoyed Italy, though I would prefer to see more green grass and less cities so hopefully our next country has that. 

Oscar: so that’s us done for now we best get some sleep, our pawrents keep saying we are going somewhere called Austria tomorrow so we best be rested to check this place out. 


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