7 foods to eat in Italy 

Now before we start, there are more than 7 foods to eat in Italy. It is going to be rare that you find a bad place to eat. These were just our favourite foods we had whilst travelling and would recommend you try it at least once. 

                   7. Steak ‘n’ shake 

So technically not Italian, but having been to America and then not being able to have one was devastating. It is everything it says in the name but manages to be so much more, if you pass one, they are rare in Europe, have a day off from Italian food and dig in! 

                          6. Auto grill 

Bit of a strange one but we drove around Italy and this would be our saviour. In Italy most of their service stations are auto grills and they are simple yet nice. The food is surprisingly good and they serve anything from sandwiches to pizza. If your ever on the road and unsure on what to eat, these are a safe bet that you will get something nice. 

                              5. Pasta

Of course everyone knows the home of pasta is Italy so I probably don’t need to tell you to eat it while your there. There are many different types, in all shapes and sizes, so have a variety and see what you think. One rule though, make sure it is fresh! 

                  4. Ice cream (gelato)

Everyone has heard of this one! I was nervous about trying it incase it was a disappointed through all the hype. I wasn’t! There are many flavours you can choose from so you will never find one you won’t like. Stay off the tourist track and they will be cheap and just as delicious, you won’t be disappointed. 

                  3. Anything Nutella 

Well any Nutella fan would know it is made by Ferrero, and everyone knows they are Italian so if you can find Nutella anywhere it would be here. Everything you can think of has Nutella, from croissants to gelato, I even had breakfast bars made from Nutella. It was safe to say I out did myself on how much Nutella I could eat in one sitting. 

                           2. Focaccia 

This is a thick bread (a little bit like a pizza base) that is just covered in oil. You can get others with toppings on but trust me when I say you don’t need them. The bread alone is wonderful and one of the best and unexpected foods I had in Italy, this is one you need to try when you visit Italy. 

                                1. Pizza 

This would always be my number one! We love pizza so it was one of the first foods we ate and we didn’t stop until the day we left. You have anything from traditional Naples pizza, extra think pizza in Rome or a deep pan in Turin – try them all and you won’t be disappointed. Another rule for you though is to make sure it’s fresh – easy way of knowing this is with the stone baked ovens which most pizzerias should have. 


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