Venice the city of love and canals 

Venice is everything you expect and more, all I can advise in this blog is to go and see it for yourself. 

Driving into Venice 

Of course everyone will know that Venice is completely surrounded by water and is one of the few places in the world that you can’t drive into. So how does someone who is travelling via car go to Venice? Well it’s relative easy really but not the cheapest option. All you need to do is follow the signs to Venice, don’t worry you won’t end up in the water. Basically you can access the outside of Venice via car and there are numerous parking spaces available. You don’t pay by the hour but by 12 or 24 hours, so you will be paying more than you would normally when visiting a city. All you do then is park up and walk into Venice and that’s when you see why people fall in love with this place. 


Before you actually arrive in Venice it would be worth checking the weather forecast and the times for the tide. With Venice being surrounded by water and the canal system, it can flood depending on the tide and if they encounter bad weather. Don’t worry, locals are used to this and have defences in place but to keep your feet dry I would buy some wellies for walking around. You can buy waterproofs when there but I would imagine you would be paying more. 

Walking around Venice 

Now we have the essentials out of the way lets get to the interesting part, seeing Venice. I’ll be honest apart from the main sight itself I have no idea exactly where we walked and that’s the way you want it. Yes this is not great as a travel blogger but it’s true when they say you get lost, everything is at the same level so there is nowhere to look out for and all the streets look the same. For us this was the best part of the trip! Just being able to walk without knowing exactly where your going gives you the freedom that most people long for. You also still have the security that you can’t get too lost, after all there’s only one way in and out by foot. You will find yourself walking down dead ends or just approaching a canal so be careful at night. You can buy a map with directions leading you the way but why would you want to be looking down when you can be looking at all the buildings around you? 

St marks square 

Now after saying you can get lost in Venice, don’t miss this out! Not that you should be able to, its well signposted plus it’s a huge square in the middle of Venice.  When I mentioned earlier about flooding this is an area that will flood. We turned up the day after storms, and even though most of Venice seemed to have recovered quickly from this, st marks square still was a little flooded. To be able to get to the middle of it you need wellies otherwise your feet and legs are getting wet. The square itself is beautiful. Apart from the cathedral, which its beauty dominates everything else, the surrounding buildings are also very beautiful and shows off the Italian architecture. Be warned though there are lots of pigeons! Luckily we have two dogs and not many birds go near them, though a couple got brave and nearly felt the wrath of a hunting dog (we don’t hunt our German wiredhaired pointers however that hunting drive never goes away)! We walked around the square and stayed close to the platforms that they provide incase of floods. We then walked around the cathedral and made our way through the busiest part of Venice we saw. We went through this bit quickly, with two dogs standing in big crowds doesn’t go down well. So we went off the beaten track and continued to get lost. 

Food in Venice 

Venice gets a bad reputation for not being good quality and very expensive so this made us wary to try anything. 

We realised this was wrong – it was just about finding the right place and not sitting down. 

Just as we were about to leave we passed a gelato place which also had a hot food cafe attached. At this stage we were hungry but also wanted gelato so it seemed like a perfect combination. Between us we had a large pizza (don’t get the maxi it really is huge) and a gelato each (mine was Nutella and very yummy). The pizza was €6 (it was actually €5.50 but we were charged for the box) and the gelato was a few euros each. And that was it! For lunch and dessert we paid less than €20, that for us was a bargain. 

Our advice on food is go off the beaten track, take out when possible and enjoy! 

The best send off to Italy 

Venice was our last destination before leaving Italy and moving onto Austria. We had our ups and downs with Italy, though mainly ups, and we have to say that Venice is one of our favourites and could not of ended it any better. 

As we leave Italy we will have a blog telling you our favourite places to visit so keep tuned……


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