What dogs really think of cities 

Our boys are forever posting blogs without us when we aren’t looking! 

Oscar: Hi I’m back everyone! I’ve managed to steal the phone away to tell all other canines exactly what this so called city is like….

Monty : WE are back! Don’t forget me! Hi,hi,hi!!! Remember me?! I’m Monty and I lovveeee the city! 

Oscar: Yes we are back Monty -don’t worry they haven’t forgotten about you, trust me….

Oscar: So this is our blog on how we really feel when we are being dragged around a city. Monty: Can I tell them about the pigeons yet? Oscar: Not just yet Monty, we are an efficient breed so need to do this in order. 

Driving in a city 

Monty: Oh I love driving, especially when I get to sit in the front! But people in other moving objects keep staring at me, it must be because they want to be my friend!! But the best part is when we stop! Well sometimes – it’s only fun when we stop and they let me go outside but sometimes that doesn’t happen, sometimes we sit still for agesssss but we don’t get out. I just don’t understand this. 

Oscar: Well Monty, the object – I hear humans call it a car and when we stop its called a traffic jam, though I’m not sure why, there is no jam at all otherwise i would smell it! 

Oscar: Anyway driving to a city isn’t all that bad, people moan and say what I think are bad words, though they are always calling after female dogs, they must have a lot of them in the city. But for me I get to lie in the boot and sleep while someone drives me somewhere that is hopefully nice -what could be better? Sometimes they even give us treats. Monty: Oh yes!! I forgot about the treats, they are yummy can we have some now? Oscar: Monty no it’s late don’t wake our pawrents…too late I’ll have to wait now until tomorrow night to finish this…..

Parking up in a city 

Oscar: We are both back this evening and we have agreed to sit in the front and not jump on our pawrents. Monty: Sorry I just wanted a treat. Oscar: It’s ok, we have all been a puppy once. 

Oscar: When we do stop we stop at a car park. Monty: why is it called park? There are no trees or grass nearby? They just have cars which is rubbish. Oscar: Humans have funny names for things, it’s like hot dogs, they don’t actually have dog in them…I hope. 

Oscar: Anyway we either stop inside or outside. Inside can sometimes be loud for us canines so I try and run outside and my pawrents can’t run as quick. I would much prefer a car park outside in the sun. 

Monty: Bark bark bark! Cough cough, sorry there were people close by and I have to scare them off! I like stopping anywhere as long as I get out, and what’s this about hot dogs!!! Oscar: Thank you for that insight Monty, and don’t worry it just means when dogs get hot. Monty: pheww 

All the smells of a city 

Oscar: Smells, no matter where you are, are good. It give us canines a good idea of who is near by and what they are like. The city isn’t as fresh as when we go out into the country, and you can tell there is more people and animals about. In a city they don’t all smell nice, so we avoid them ones and just go over to the overflowing bin that has left over food. 

Monty: Well I think everything smells amazing! I mean there are so many smells and I have to smell them allllll, like all of them, if I don’t I could miss something important. Oscar: Monty, you will learn all about your smells soon enough, and will look back on this day and laugh at how silly you are. Monty: What was that? I thought I smelt food in the car. Oscar: grrrrrr 

Pigeons and other animals 

Monty: Yayy my favourite bit, can I start please, oh please, oh please. Oscar: If you must. Monty: Well there are loads of pigeons and they all stand there right in front of me so I can play with them. The game I play is I point at them and then when I get close enough, I bite my jaw and I catch them, well suppose to catch them, I haven’t caught any yet but I’ve been really close. I like this game it’s my favourite game! 

Oscar: I have to admit, I like this game too but I’ve been playing it a lot longer and I know which battles to play. City pigeons are not the battle, I mean they are..

Monty: Oh and cats, I like them but my favourite are my fellow canines (my brother said that’s what I call them). They are all my friends and they all want to say hi and play with me all day. Some pawrents don’t like this and think I’m scary, I don’t know why though – they have small dogs too so why are they scared? 

Oscar: *whispers* he doesn’t know how big he is so shhhh. Yes Monty all dogs want to be friends I agree and it is good to see other dogs in cities too. 

Lots of people 

Oscar: I think it’s safe to say us canines love humans – I mean our elders decided to become your friends and help you hunt when you only had fire. Most people smell good and that tells me that they like us. Some people in cities though don’t smell good, this isn’t a horrible smell but a smell that tells us to stay away from them. This happens more in cities so I just stick to my pawrents to be safe. 

Monty: I’m not sure what Oscar is talking about – all people want to say hi to me otherwise why would they walk past me?? Plus everyone knows I’m adorable, especially when I jump up to say hi!! 

Oscar: hmmmmmmmm 

The sounds of a city 

Monty: Sounds? I don’t really hear anything unless it’s a bird or a dog barking, but did we tell you how good it smells? 

Oscar: We did thank you Monty. Now Monty is a puppy he doesn’t see things the way we do, he has much learning to do yet. There are many sounds in the city – I don’t know what they all are but they are very loud sometimes. They have big cars that drive around, a lot of them make thunder noises. I’m not sure why people don’t just walk, it’s much more interesting. I wouldn’t say I get scared by the noises because us canines are strong but it hurts my ears so I move away…very quickly. 

Do we really like it? 

Oscar: Monty you go first – do you like going around a city? 

Monty: Yes yes yes! I mean it smells good and there are loads of people that I can say hi too!! What could be better? Well except a house full of toys!!!!! Oh and they have pigeons I like pigeons!! 

Oscar: Thank you Monty, now I would say that I prefer the countryside. So if any canines like me have sensitive hearing – we are not scared it just hurts our ears that’s all, then go somewhere quieter with no loud noises. But can it still have pigeons? 


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