The tale of two star crossed lovers 

This city is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, but it isn’t just because of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, there is so much more. 


Not many people think of amphitheatres except for the coliseum in Rome. But Verona is home to the third biggest amphitheater in Italy. From where we parked in Verona, the Amphitheater is almost the entrance to the rest of the city, as it was the first sight we saw. It is in amazing condition and is still used today for numerous shows (it is now our aim to watch a show there one day). Surrounding it is a park which has a plaque to rightly say that Verona is a world heritage sight. We walked around to get a feel of how it would have looked when complete and hosting the best and most fierce of competitions. 

Just next to the Amphitheater was an open square, numerous cafes and restaurants lined up with a breathtaking view. This leads to a street of shops which we followed to find Juliets balcony. 

Romeo and Juliet 

There has never been a story of more woe, than of Juliet and her Romeo – Shakespeare 

There was so much to write about the presence of this Shakespeare classic that it would take over the whole blog, and I want to show that there is so much more to Verona. To read all about Romeo and Juliet sights in Verona – click Here

Piazza delle Erbe

Once we had visited juliets balcony, we walked towards the nearest piazza. This is in the centre and is the focal point I found to getting anywhere else. 

From it you can see Lamberti’s Tower, as it overlooks everything in the piazza. This piazza had a great atmosphere to it, with monuments across the square and markets skattered in between. At the top end, there were also a platform of steps you can walk up and announce your love to a loved one at the bottom. Don’t hog the space though – it gets very busy. This is the main piazza and you will find the later on you go, the busier it will be, so aim to go early to appreciate the area without too much traffic around you. 

Palazzo Della ragione 

We decided to pick a direction and go. We came across anther small square with beautiful buildings around it. Though an archway was this palazzo. Past the hustle and bustle this area was so peaceful. There isn’t much to see from the outside apart from the beautiful buildings and staircase. You can just imagine in the summer festivals or Christmas markets this filled with stalls handing out hot drinks. 

We carried on walking, just following the paths as they appeared. It became apparent quickly that we were just going to miss a festivals as stalls were being set up throughout the city. 

Chiesa di Santa Maria antica 

We carried on walking until we hit a street with this Catholic Church. The church, like so many monuments, had been destroyed in an earthquake so not much of the original exists. It is a small but impressive style of church, lying next to it are the Scaliger Tombs. These are gothic tombs in place for the scaliger family, who once ruled Verona, and these are truly impressive works of art for the gothic period. If coming to Verona, I would make a trip down the street to see this. Most of the year it is closed off, but you can still look out and appreciate them. 

Verona Cathedral
We then walked for a little while, just appreciating the architecture of the buildings that surround Verona. Like any city, I would always say just walk the streets to get the real feel of a city and not just the tourists point of view. This applies today and it makes it one of my favourite cities so far.

We then turned a corner to find the cathedral. It isn’t as central as some cathedrals you might find, it’s just tucked away in a peaceful part of the city. It isn’t as decorative as other cathedrals but is still beautiful in its own right. 

Ponte Pietra

We approached the river limits and hit St. Peter’s bridge. We walked over it but decided not to go any further at this stage. We stood to appreciate the views the bridge gave us, and we walked back towards the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a peaceful place with very few people around, only the sound of the water below you, it was hard to believe you were actually in a city. 

Walking back towards the centre, we took a different route which was busier with shops and bakeries along the route. Some of the bakeries were giving off some of the most wonderful smells and all were tempting (trying to be healthy whilst travelling is difficult). We ended up back at the piazza delle Erbe to finish our tour. 

To prove how starting early is always key, the piazza was now full of people, so I’m happy we could see it before that. As we squeezed past people, we made our way back to the car just before the rain started. 

I’m hoping this blog shows that Verona is not just about Romeo and Juliet, but has a lot of real history to explore. We didn’t see everything on our visit so hopefully one day we will be writing another blog about our return to Verona……


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